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Drag The Dead was formed in mid 2009 and is a collective of some of the most brutal Death Metal musicians the St. Louis Missouri metropolitan area has cultivated in years like drummer Antonio Andre (ex-Timeghoul founding member). Drag The Dead bring eerily deadly brutality to the stage, as well as to the ears and imagination of the listener. The sound of Drag The Dead has been likened to the act of being bludgeoned to death by a ritualistic ten-ton wooden hammer dulled by centuries of slamming into rotted earth.

Drag The Dead is about to unleash a massive trail of devastation leaving behind only the decapitated and dismembered torsos of its unyielding victims.
Prepare your soul to be pummeled relentlessly.

Enjoy the beating.

Released On :
New World Subculture Media

This is a new band to me until now  and at first I thought it was just "another" release but when I gave it a try they opened up another sick world where raping whores,killing yourself and stuff like that seems pretty cool & funny lyrically that is. I find them very amusing while listening to their music.

About the music? Well it's actually a very solid album,delivering groovy murderous death metal. I honestly don't listen that often to genre that often but this album caught my mind somehow.
It's kinda like a concept album with some sick breaks nicely combined with samples that fit the atmosphere of the whole album.

This is an album that grows ,so I have to admit I gave it a couple of tries before it opened up.
All in all this is brutal death metal,the most brutal in the world referring to the band and yeah it is,but at the same time it has a groove to it that I enjoy very much.

So fans of this genre should check it out as it is a good album & I just love the track "The interview of Lisa Ann Montgomery" Quote"
Turn the volume up while listen to this album!

"Ahh,these damn sluts,shut up or kill em all"

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