CULTURAL WARFARE Prepare For 'Warmageddon' New album & Single Streaming Now

CULTURAL WARFARE Prepare For 'Warmageddon'
California thrashers' debut full-length due Sept. 14;
'Divided We Crawl' video streaming now

After first making waves with their 2017 debut EP “Future Kill,” hailed by Metal Wani as 'neck-breaking thrash,' the Oakland-based CULTURAL WARFARE return with “Warmageddon,” their blistering full-length debut. A video for the album's first single, “Divided We Crawl,” (created by Rafael Ortega (Ayreon, The Absence)) can be seen at this location while the new album is available now for pre-order via the M-Theory Audio webshop -

“’Divided We Crawl’ captures the essence of where we are today as a society,” explains vocalist Jacques Serrano. “We are so divided and forgetting our history as well. In essence it tells the story of all this division and I hope it helps some open their eyes to make some changes in the world.”

Recorded at California's Trident Studios with producer Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Exodus) and mastered at Sweden's Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren (Sepultura, Kreator), “Warmageddon” is a “look into the future” where a “new world chaos” reigns supreme, according to the band.

CULTURAL WARFARE create music that stays true to the classic Bay Area sound of its time while creating a modern twist in the music to create a melodic, yet aggressive sound. With all five members of the band having long standing roots in the Bay Area back to the golden age of thrash metal, CULTURAL WARFARE understands the rich history and lineage of all the classic bands that paved the way for all heavy bands for the modern age. With that said, the band has created a sound of their own while flying the flag of music that inspired them along the way.

Upon releasing “Future Kill” last year, the group performed throughout the Western United States alongside the likes of Warbringer, Hatchet, Apothesary, The Agonist, Hatriot and others. Whereas the EP found Kevin Doughty playing drums, “Warmageddon” sees him join Billy Garouette on guitar to make room for new percussionist Bones Padilla, a former tech for Biohazard.

The Bay Area has a legacy for great music throughout the decades, and the influence of the region’s thrash metal bands on the international scene is unparalleled. With their unique combination of traditional metal and aggressive, melodic thrash, CULTURAL WARFARE furthers the area's legacy and proves that thrash is undoubtedly alive and well.

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CULTURAL WARFARE - Divided We Crawl (Official Lyric Video)
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Orth - Nocturno Inferno (NOR) Review

'Out Now On CD/LP/MC

I got this for a cheap price from one of the members on this release on vinyl a few weeks ago.
I've had¨it for some years on a burned cd and thought it was good and finally V-rex decided to release it on all formats CD/LP/Tape in a very limited edition.
I of course prefer the LP verion, not just because I like vinyl but the fact that this recording is kinda divided and honestly side B is my favourite side With a more calm & haunting atmosphere.
The Music we're dealing with here is in Your face black metal ala Emperor 94-95 , or at least I get References to that period due to the arrangements ,vocals and use of synth.

That being said , this is no rip off , it|s black metal anno '96 I believe. Sadly this was never released back then, probably due to the tragic  loss of E.Brødreskift (drums)  some years later.
It's recorded in Grieghallen studioes which is easy to hear if you where into the Norwegian scene in the 90's and it contains members from bands such as Gorgoroth,Immortal,Aeternus,Borknagar & Arvas.

As far as I know this was Grim, Ares & V-Rex who were recorded this,ct me if I'm wrong.
For me this becomes a 2 sided chapter experience as said and you could almost call it a concept album, but I'm not gonna take it that far, even though each does sound like different concepts though.
This is something you should check out if you're into black, or just Extreme metal in general 'cause it grows on the listener and I'm glad I bought this vinyl 'cause it's a good one to have in the Collection and , since it's a piece of  BM history, but most of all cause there are some killer tunes on NOCTURNO INFERNO ,like Moonstorm a furious black metal anthen, Hymn Des Mortes & Den Gamle Manns Profetier to mention some...

Side A :
I - A Hymn Des Mortes Pt.I
II - The Silence OF The Guide
III - A Sign In Time
IV - Bonded
VI - Moonstorm
Side B :
VII - Hymn Des Mortes Pt.II
VIII - Path Of Sorrow
IX - Hymn Des Mortes Pt.III
X - Dem Gamle Manns Profetier