Having been into metal music since kindergarden, I wanted to realize an old plan, witch was to start a fanzine,sadly it's only a webzine todays date though.The main goal is to get in touch with with uknown bands that deserves attention,but
well known & established bands that still release quality music.There are no limitations for whitch bands included as long as the editor find it interesting,but the main thing is metal & good old rock 'n' roll.
Those who are interviewed have totally freedom of speech & can talk about whatever they want on any
topic,but that does not mean we support other individuals opinions & we take strongly distance from nazi-punks and if you support that shit...Don't even bother to get in touch!
There will also be interview/articles with other interesting people who are into all kinds of art.                                                                                          
Get in touch with one of the adresses below for reviews


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                                                                          Scullfucker Zine                                      
  •                                         C/O Raymond Storebø                                      

  •           Vadmyrveien 38  

  •                                              5172 Loddefjord                                  

  •                 Norway 





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