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their full album will be reviewed here soon! Meanwhile check out this one!

Nearea 'Ours Is The Storm'

A sick and twisted track released on Metal Blade pretty cool!

New track form SLOUGH FEG "The Weird Lord" released on Metal Blade Records
Traditional NWOBHM sounding heavy metal track, pretty good one!

CHAPEL OF DISEASE - Evocation Of The Father 

BadGod Music Sampler 'Painful Sonic Death'

Brilliant Album Released By BadGod Music earlier this year!

Kenos - No Presents For Christmas (King Diamond Cover)

Withering Night - Reverbnation
Withering Night - Facebook 
Official Band Page

Label : Razed Soul Productions

The band was formed back in 2009 as a one man band.
A few months later "Creature"(Depressive Years) joined as the lead vocalist and
a 3 track self titled demo was recorded and releases under Self Mutilation Services (Mex.)
Due to personal reasons Creature left, and Morbid ("Happy Days") joined as the new vocalist.
In 2010 the first full length ("Lies And Corruption") was recorded and released under Beneath The Fog (USA).
Then in 2012 a second full length ("Enlightenment In Darkness") was released under Razed Soul Productions(USA)
with a following of split album ("Useless And Worthless") with the band Force Fed Life.
At the moment they are working on our next 3rd full length album.


Exsanguination Throne 'At The Inside Of The Darkness' Full Album Stream

UNSU Release Video For "The Filthy"

Kaotoxin Records is proud to release the first ever music video by France's Modern Grindcore act UNSU. The video, directed by Jordan Saunders of Dead Parrot productions (company already responsible for music videos by Merciless Terror, Foul Body Autopsy and many others) is for the title track of the band's latest release: The Filthy.

Shot on July 9th and 10th 2012 at la Rumeur (Lille - FR) and l'Hôtel de la musique (Roubaix, FR), the video features very special guest appearance by members of Malignancy (US), Cephalic Impurity (RU), Unfathomable Ruination (UK), Eye Of Solitude (UK), Trifixion (UK), Purify (FR) and Forget Your Fears (FR). Check out the video at this location

 The Filthy is UNSU's debut EP (they released their debut demo, Moral Distortion, late 2010 and a split 7" EP with France's Atara mid 2011, both on Douchebag Records from France), featuring 5 brand new studio tracks, including a Nasum cover ("Time to Act") and twelve bonus live tracks. It has been released on March 6th, 2012 through Kaotoxin records when the band was just back from it's first headlining UK tour with Merciless Precision (UK).

UNSU features past and present members of Purify (Dark Hardcore),Darkall Slaves (Brutal Death Metal) and Trepan'Dead (Grindcore). Their debut full-length will be released first half of 2013 through Kaotoxin Records.

You can listen to "The Filthy" and all Kaotoxin records' releases, on the label's BandCamp at:


 For more on UNSU visit:


BANE Releases Promo Video For "The Truth Unleashed"
Serbian black/death metal act BANE have released a promo video for the song "The Truth Unleashed," taken from their upcoming album, The Acausal Fire. The video features live pictures of the band taken from performances at Exit Festival 2012 and Sarajevo Metal Festival III. 


The Acausal Fire will be released by Abyss Records in September. 

BANE's full-length debut, Chaos, Emptiness & Darkness, as well as other BANE merchandise is currently available through the Abyss Records Webstore. Visit for ordering information.  

ABYSS RECORDS Official Label & Online Music Store:

ABYSS RECORDS Official My Space:

From the new Radiation Sickness album to be released on Abyss Records June 2012 Enjoy!

Danish old school death metallers DEUS OTIOSUS will release Godless on Deepsend Records in late summer 2012. The Danes' sophomore effort (and first for Deepsend) is the follow-up to debut album Murderer, which was released by FDA Rekotz and American Line Productions.

In a world where no god watches or guides, humankind is left to fend for itself like feral children. And in this world, horror and cruelty of every unspeakable kind lives and breathes amongst us. These horrors are echoed in Godless. This is old school death metal with nuances of black and thrash, creating a heavy, down-tuned force that will appease the servants of Hell while they slave for their sins.

DEUS OTIOSUS joins DAWN OF DEMISE, THE CLEANSING and SPECTRAL MORTUARY in furthering Deepsend Records' dominating reputation as Danish Death Metal Central!

1) Snakes of the Low 
2) In Harm's Way
3) New Dawn
4) Pest Grave 
5) Surrounded By The Dead 
6) Cast From Heaven 
7) Face The Enemy 
8) Death Dance

Pre-orders are being taken now at this location.

Swedish apocalyptic death metallers DIABOLICAL have started the recording sessions for their fifth album - entitled Neogenesis.

Guitarist Carl Stjärnlöv explains the album title: "Apart from being a physiological term, the title 'Neogenesis' translates to 'new beginning'. The word originates from Greek and Latin and it marks a new beginning for DIABOLICAL in many ways. Furthermore the title has a much more profound significance to the theme and concept of this album. The drum tracks laid down are amazing, and we are all very excited about continuing to work on 'Neogenesis.' There are definitely some new flavors to our sound, and most importantly,
the song material of 'Neogenesis' is by far the greatest we've done.

The band entered Necromorbus Studio in June to begin the recording process forNeogenesis. Guitarist/vocalist Sverker Widgren, who produced the band's 2008 release The Gallery Of Bleeding Art, is once again handling production duties. DIABOLICAL has been chronicling the album's progress with an online studio diary.  
Neogenesis Track Listing:

1. Into Oblivion
2. Metamorphosis
3. Oracle
4. Ex
5. World in Silence
6. Reincarnation of the Damned
7. Fields of Nihil
8. Dialogue with the Dead
9. Wolves' Choir
10. The Age to Come
11. Humanitas

This album will follow up DIABOLICAL's 2011 release Ars Vitae, which featured nine live songs which chronicled the band's career, four new studio tracks and a remastered version of their sold-out debut EP Deserts of DesolationArs Vitae was released in North America by Abyss Records and is still available at


REIGN OF VENGEANCE has released our music video for "She's Best Kept Headless". This version is without the story line cut scenes and depicts the band performing within the desert underneath the scorching and tormenting Arizona sun.

Vocalist Marshal "Fucking" Beck comments,  "For those of you visually- gore obsessed fanatics that version will be coming soon. For now, you'll have to read the lyrics and allow the demented part of your own mind to visualize the brutal, blood-soaked, and horrifying story line as it unfolds. Olden day style when people actually knew how to read books and use their own imaginations to visualize certain things for themselves. The lyrics are within the description." -MfB

The video for "She's Best Kept Headless" was shot and edited by -The one stop shopping for all brutal, bloody, and horrifying as fuck horror related merchandise.
The band has recently started work on the follow up to their 2011 release, Disemboweling Swine. Entitled The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion, the five-song EP is currently in pre-production and is scheduled for release later this year.  Expect brutality, expect bloodshed, but above all, expect REVOLUTION.

Ally with REIGN OF VENGEANCE's brutality by "liking" the page below.

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