MANGLER - Dimensions Of Terror - Review & album stream

Debut album from MANGLER. Eight tracks of no nonsense thrash/death shot straight into your ears with every intention to mangle your brain.

D.O.T. Starts off with in your face angry kinda like attitude in the veins of Destruction,Kreator,Metal Church and mostly German thrash metal in general.
The first track sets the standard of what we can expect, but luckily they have kept some of the old school influences and do not blast beats all the time even though it was actually cool in this album.
Mangler has for sure attitude and wants to show it , or rather want us to hear their agression and damn do they do it good. I'm actually often more surprised with smaller bands sending me their stuff which is ruff as fuck alongside with very listenable and entertaining melodies that make your body move they have kept the important elements of the past and blended it nicely with their own style
It's available as digital release and cassette, some sold out so check their bandcamp page.
Highly recommended thrash metal, I'm about to restart my old hobby which was to throw empty beer bootles at people for fun, no .. Just kiddin' .. This has alot of potential and tons of energy !!! Let The Weekend Come...


released July 7, 2017

Mixed & Mastered by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Recordings.
Drums recorded by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Recordings.
Guitars, Bass and Vocals recorded by Jonathan Lozo.
Cover Artwork by Ganda Wiraga.
Logo by Ricky (Dealer) and Cogee (Thrashards).

Mangler are: 

Jonathan Lozo - Vocals/Guitar
Tyson Seery - Drums
Dan Hurtubise - Bass

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