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AxMinister Announce Ontario Show Dates Streaming New EP "The Crucible of Sin"

Toronto's heavy metal trio AxMinister announce they will be hitting the road for dates across Southern Ontario in support of their recently unleashed new EP "The Crucible of Sin"The EP was released on May 4th to follow singles “Visceral Speed” (2017), “AXistential Christmas” (2015), “Unborn Warriors: The Cries of Tomorrow” (2015) and full length “Betray Everything” (2015).
Warriors of metal on a holy quest, AxMinister are inspired by Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Manowar and can be best described with a sound that of a sped up Type O Negative.

The band comments:

“Our EP “The Crucible of Sin” sports a sense of humour. It tries to tell a… at times, nihilistic, story about love, lust, oppression, and redemption. Following every recording and show, we try to reflect on our own mistakes, and attempt to improve. We grew to understand our 90s thrash/traditional style of songwriting, and compose accordingly. This EP has that ‘90’s warm thrash sound akin to Megadeth’s Youthanasia album. We hope old and new audiences join us on a journey that is at times fictional, visual and imaginative, while other times introspective and contemplative. We like you to dance, head bang, and mosh to it." 
Listen to “The Crucible of Sin” at the following link:

The EP is available for digital download and stream on Bandcamp 
hereiTunes and Spotify.

Track Listing:
1. Prey (4:15)
2. Salvation (4:16)
3. The Trials of Hercules (4:06)
4. The Succubus and the Crucible of Sin (5:10)
5. Sanctus Equitis Mortis (5:06)
EP Length: 22:56

Show Dates:
June 16 - Sudbury, ON - The Asylum
July 7 - Stouffville, ON - Wars Fest
July 8 - Hamilton, ON - The Doors Pub
July 13 - St. Catharines - The Detour
July 14 - St. Catharines - The Detour
Aug 17 - Hamilton, ON - The Doors Pub
Aug 25 - Toronto, ON - Coalition T.O. - info 

Free Agents NOVEMBERS DOOM Seeking New Label

Chicago (IL) - U.S. Doom/Death legends NOVEMBERS DOOM are on the market and seeking a new label to continue their robust legacy. Vocalist Paul Kuhr released the following statement concern the status of the long-running, critically acclaimed quintet:

"After spending over a decade working with The End Records, NOVEMBERS DOOM have fulfilled our contractual obligations, and are now exploring options for the future of the band. We are already hard at work, creating the follow up to the 2017 release of Hamartia, and we are seeking a partnership with a label who understands the importance of the European territory. We are open to talk to anyone and everyone who has a serious offer, as we said, we are exploring all of our options, and need to make the right choice, for both us, and our future home."

Please contact to open this conversation.

Wonderworld "Wonderworld III" @ Classic Rock

WONDERWORLD Remain Numerically Vibrant On ‘Wonderworld III’

In October 2017, Wonderworld started recording their 3rd album… simply to be called; III (following the numeric theme of the previous releases I and II). Even though there is influence from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC and Rush in the mix, the band have their own musical style and have created a solid combination of old and new influences sprinkled with their own spices to forge a melting pot of rock music.
The basic tracks are more or less live with adding vocals, the occasional solos and a bit of keyboards. It was important to the band to retain their traditional live feel on the album, because that’s what Wonderworld is all about; the energy created by 3 guys in a single room getting off on their sound and emotions!
All the songs are written by Roberto Tiranti & Ken Ingwersen and the album is produced and mixed by Ken Ingwersen. The group recorded most of the album in Lionheart studio in Oslo, Norway with engineer Øyvind Larsen in over just a few days. III is mastered by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room, Stockholm. Björn has mastered many international acts like Rammstein, Britney Spears and Meshuggah. Special guest on this album is Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Jorn) on hammond and keyboards.
Wonderworld III | Released June 19th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records
Track Listing:
01. Background Noises | 02. Stormy Night | 03. Big Word | 04. Crying Out For Freedom | 05. A Mountain Left To Climb | 06. Brand New Man | 07. Rebellion | 08. The Last Frontier | 09. Stay Away From Me | 10. There Must Be More
Wonderworld are:
Roberto Tiranti – Vocals/Bass | Ken Ingwersen – Guitars/Backing vocals | Tom Arne Fossheim – Drums/Backing vocals
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Sjelekval - Nålens Øye

Acârash - In Chaos Becrowned - Review By Ivo_G

 LABELDark Essence Records  
 RELEASE8 June 2018

Obscure title, slightly pretentious title... Initially I was
curious about Norwegian Acârash latest album “In Chaos
The first song “Cadaver Dei” does start off promising. A
traditional mix between doom, black and death metal. Nothing
original but just because a concept is not original doesn’t mean
that the music is too. So, I was pretty happy with the opening

“Shadows Roam” is cool too, same style, even seems to have the
same pace, but the band builds up to a nice climax.
“Gathering of Crows” is... Actually more of the same. More doom-y
but it sounds like the B-side to “Shadows Roam” which sounded
like a B-side to “Cadaver Dei”. And its follow-up, the title
track, sounds like the B-side to “Gathering of Crows”.

Twice however does the band seem to stray away from its formula:
“Legio Obscure” picks up the pace a bit and delivers some much
needed variation and “Cenotaph in Flesh” is even a relatively
epic banger. The other remain tracks... Let’s just say that once
you’ve heard “Cadaver Dei” and “Gathering of Crows” you’ve heard

Nothing is awful on this record, the band sounds good and can
build to a climax, but everything is just so bland. Like a
cooked potato without salt. Now, to each his own and if you like
potato metal, all the better for you but if it was truly awful
it would done something to me (gastric acid or uncontrollable
laughter) but now I’m getting bored with it. There could be
potential here, after all the band itself is not bad and the
songs are not awful, but perhaps Acârash should have spend a few
more months writing and rehearsing.
Po-tay-to, po-tah-to or Acârash, you decide here,

Mortiis - Perfectly Defect Re-Release 2018 - Review

Mortiis surprises (me) with this release as I've never heard these remixes and they were only sold at some shows around 2002 if I remeber correctly and was completeley sould out.
We luckily all can take a part of it now.

Anyway what you get here is industruial sounding techno, that's the first word I think of, noise,chaos,disharmony & cool basslines it's all here designed to fuck with your head and leave it behind in a "good" way if you like.

I can't find the 'press release' mail or section but I guess this is a bunch of remixes by known and unknown electronic artists and does that work with Mortiis tunes? Yes, just listen to his latest masterpiece of remixes.
Of course you may think this is some old shit why would I want that? As for me techno has always been timeless and I do not have one electronic record that actually says the year, I've always wondered why,now I see..
I think this is a good time to re-release this as a follow up to the remix vinyls released recently, especially for me as fan who had never heard this before this was a cool surprise and if you like artists like Orbital,Leftfield,The Prodigy,Chemical Brothers and the likes and maybe even more industrial, this one is for you.

Oldschool beats with breakbeats and cool bass/noise lines made with machines.. Not many people make this kinda music in todays commercial industry so it's really fun to step into this total electronic landscape and what it builds up to is all up to the listener.. I'm not gonna write a story here, techno freaks,industrial people and ravers and also people in general who like electronic rock/noise should give this a go as it entertains your head in a way that mostly jazz does, working with the mind and not leave it hanging for food without soul.
If you are a fan of Motiis industrial stuff you'll love this, if not give it a try , it won't hurt.


Cor Scorpii - Ruin - 15th June 2018 - Dark Essence Records

Label : Dark Essence
Release Date 15th. June

Step into a world where ruins are monuments, and where epic and soaring melodies blend seamlessly with the harshness of extreme metal with the release of the sophomore album from the Norwegian melodic extreme metal band Cor Scorpii.  «Ruin», the result of a lengthy, and at time arduous,  songwriting process, draws its inspiration from classical music, folk melodies and the soundscapes of Nordic extreme metal and is the follow up to the critically acclaimed debut “Monument". This time the band also introduces instruments atypical  in metal, such as the accordion and the mandolin, revealing hidden talents amongst the band members. Cor Scorpii was founded in 2004 as an offshoot from the legendary Windir, and during the 10 years since the release of their debut album, the band has seen the arrival of a new lead guitarist Erlend Nybø (Funeral).

"Ruin" was recorded at various locations over a period of three years. As with Cor Scorpii's debut album, Børge Finstad performed the mixing duties to perfection in his Toproom Studio. Mastering was done by Tom Kvålsvoll in the nefarious Kvalsonic Lab. The young and incredibly talented classical singer Annika Beinnes contributes guest vocals on three songs. The album also features the clean vocals and occasional growl of Mats Lerberg (I Swear Damnation, ex-Funeral) guesting on three songs. With this release, Cor Scorpii gives you an honest and unpretentious work of Norwegian metal.
The road to ruin begins with the building of monuments!

01. Svart Blod (Hovmod star for fall)
02. Hjarteorm
03. Skuggevandrar
04. Fotefar
05. Helveteskap
06. Ri di Mare
07. Ærelaus
08. Siste Dans

Erlend Nybø – Lead guitars
Gaute Refsnes – Keyboards
Inge Jonny Lomheim – Bass guitars, accordion, programming
Ole M. Nordsve – Drums
Rune Sjøthun – Rhythm guitars, mandolin, programming
Thomas S. Øvstedal - Vocals

Florida Based Melodic Death Metal Band BLOOD OF ANGELS Nominated In Two Categories For The 5th Annual International Music and Entertainment Awards

Florida Based Melodic Death Metal Band BLOOD OF ANGELS Nominated In Two Categories For The 5th Annual International Music and Entertainment Awards

Florida's Blood of Angels churned out an explosive-yet-memorable brand of melodic death metal EP "Rise of the Fallen Gods", laced with catchy riffs that will have listeners' head moving from the get-go. This Floridian four-piece combines a vicious death metal attack with the atmosphere of black metal, all with flourishes of melody and Viking-themed lyrics. Featuring experienced musicians of the Jacksonville scene, the project combines the talents of current and former members of Motograter, Foreshadow, Denied Til Death, and Leprosy.

The EP came out a year ago, and the coverage and the positive reviews from the metal media platforms reflect the band's forte to become a force to be reckoned with. Recently, "Odin's Wrath", a single from their debut EP has won an award at the 16th Annual Independent Music Awards  under the category of "Best Metal/Hardcore Song". 

Blood of Angels is currently nominated in two categories for the 5th
Annual International Music and Entertainment Awards, which will take place on Saturday June 16th in Ashland, KY. The categories Blood of Angels is nominated for are Metal Band of the Year and Best Metal Song for their debut single "Odin's Wrath"Fan voting will be counted as a portion of the award consideration. To Vote, you can visit at to be a part of the experience.

Guitarist & The Composer Aaron Robinson says"This has been a incredible year for our music. It is exciting to have been nominated for these categories for the International Music and Entertainment Awards.  We are just humbled, and thankful to all the fans. We wouldn't be receiving these fantastic honors if it weren't for you."

Check the Video of Odin's Wrath AT THIS LOCATION

Stream/Purchase The EP Rise of the Fallen Gods AT THIS LOCATION


Metal Hammer premieres official video of GAEREA

Metal Hammer premiered the official video of the Portuguese black metal Gaerea HERE. Dom Lawson had this to say about it -

"Stylishly monochrome and unnervingly bleak, it’s a tantalising way to enter Gaerea’s pitch-black realm of madness."

- "stunning" - Metal Hammer (UK)

- "your new favorite black metal band" - Metal Sucks (US)

"one of the best pieces of disturbing black metal for 2018" - NeKronos Promotion HELL (Portugal) 9.5/10

- "black metal of the highest quality" - The Sound Not The Word (UK)

- "could not have sounded any better" - Metal Exposure (US) 9/10

- "overpowering" - Echoes and Dust (UK) Interview

- "a riveting and multi-faceted experience" - No Clean Singing (US)

- "highly recommended" - Heavy Metal Tribune (Singapore)

- "an album that no black metal fan should pass up" - Head-Banger Reviews (US)

- "blackened majesty" - The Killchain (UK)

- "recklessly addictive" - Toilet ov Hell (US)

- "an impressive band" - Dioses Del Metal (Spain)

- "excellent" - Dissecting The Euphony (Malaysia)

- "do not fail in making their intentions known" - Taste Nation (US)

- "this should not be overlooked" - The Horror Dimension (Spain)

Gaerea (Portugal) - 'Unsettling Whispers' Gatefold LP / Silver-embossed Black Box Set / 8-Panel Digipak CD with 20 page booklet / Merch / Digital (June 22nd, 2018)

Genre - Black metal with sludge and hardcore influences
Release Date - June 22nd, 2018
Record Label - Transcending Obscurity Records (India)
For fans of - Jupiterian, Deathspell Omega, Schammash, Svartidaudi, Nigredo, Calligram, Mgla, Gorguts, Norse

Gaerea have turned the genre of black metal on its head. While most rehash the classic sound, this Portuguese band take it forward and seamlessly integrate influences from other genres like hardcore and sludge. Sonically defiant and cohesive, Gaerea smash preconceived notions and deliver music they can call their own. 'Unsettling Whispers' is the much awaited full length album coming after their universally lauded self-titled EP. Transcending Obscurity Records will be putting it out on multiple formats with excellent packaging that includes gatefold LP, alternate artwork box set and 8-panel digipak with a 20-page booklet. Artful, stirring and deeply immersive, Gaerea are a band to watch out for. Their treatment of the music is not only meticulous but also unforgettable.

Band lineup -

Track listing -
1. Svn
2. Absent
3. Whispers
4. Lifeless Immortality
5. Extension to Nothingness
6. Cycle of Decay
7. Catharsis

Official Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Official Site

Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook

Official Gaerea Facebook

Official Transcending Obscurity YouTube Channel

Thank you very much!
Kunal Choksi

Label owner

Transcending Obscurity Records 

Official Site -  Facebook - Bandcamp (main) - YouTube Channel
Official Video

Noen Hater Oss (Norway) S/T 2018 - Album Stream & Review

This is a totally new experience for me and I have no knowledge of the band exept that they hail from Stavanger a city in Norway. It is a project by Christer Amundsen.
Noen Hater Oss means 'Somebody Hates Us' in English. The rest of the lyrics would take too long to translate.

 First track is froom their 2016 release I didn't know existed, be sure to check that out to , some insanely good stuff here :

Bilderesultat for noen hater oss

It's starts off with an accoustic intro followed by what I call true norwegian black metal. The reason why I say that it's cause it has that genuine Norwegian melancholy and dakrness to it, very powerful and hateful black metal the way it's suppossed to be done. Still done in an majestetic an atmpshperic way which can only be captured by Norwegian bands that has this gloomy atmosphere surrounding us. Or the nothern part of Europe if you may like.

This is not any half hearted project, it takes you by storm, and as an Norwegian I can listen to the lyrics which helps but nowhere near essential cause the music speaks for itself, if you take Darkthrone's - Total Death album , Satyricon's DMT mixed with Urgehal anno 2006 you may get a sense of the rawness of this I dare to already call 'Noen Hater Oss' an underground masterpiece, as it's finally black metal with some fuckin attitude and probably doesen't give a fuck if they are being hated for their art. Which was what black metal was all about,, not giving a fuck and daring to state your opnions and be proud of it, and that is exactly what these guys do.

Stavanger has always been equal with quality for me with bands such as Gehenna,etc , do I need to say more? 
There are 7 tracks on this album an not one of 'em are bad, they provoke the proud and pure essence of Norwegian grimness that few bands capture and this is not something I'm just saying, I randomly discovered the band due to an aquntance and the band has no idea I'm writing this. I just couldn't let such a masterpiece go by unheard.
This is like a mind trip back to the glory days days of old times but blended with the hatre and aggression of today. A wonderful trip to the glorious days of Noregian black metal at it's best

Be sure to check their Facebook Page


1) Det Var en Gang (intro)
2) Om Natt og Tåke 
 3) Vetter 
4) Blodslinjer 
5) For Fanden og Fedreland 
6) De Kalde de Døde 
7) Om Torner og Tro 
8) Hvil i Fred Norge

SOUL DISSOLUTION: PopMatters Debuts Video of "Stardust" — Title Track From Belgium Atmospheric Black Metal Unit's Sophomore Release

SOUL DISSOLUTION: PopMatters Debuts Video of "Stardust" — Title Track From Belgium Atmospheric Black Metal Unit's Sophomore Release

Belgium based atmospheric black metal band SOUL DISSOLUTION's second album, "Stardust", came out last month via Black Lion Records. The band has issued a music video of the title track.

Premiered by PopMatters, stream the video of "Stardust" AT THIS LOCATION

Soul Dissolution - Stardust (OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP)
Watch the Video

SOUL DISSOLUTION is a black metal project from Belgium, formed in December 2012. After their first demo in 2014, the band released its debut full length in February 2016, entitled “Pale Distant Light”, the album defined the early sonic hallmark, a moody, mid-paced form of atmospheric / post black metal, influenced by the likes of Alcest, Agalloch, Raventale and early Katatonia. The debut album, released by Throats Productions on CD format and Heathen Tribes on cassette format, was openly embraced by the critics and the listeners.

It didn't take too long for the band to go back to the drawing board, and a bit more than a year after the debut's release, a new album was completed. The upcoming sophomore album “Stardust” was conceived with the intention to reshape the band’s compositional style, while preserving the key elements of their sound. The result is shorter and more straightforward album filled with catchy riffs, dynamic structures, faster paced riffs, and with an improved sound quality. This new effort is neither a drastic change of direction, nor a simple continuation of the debut; it shows the ambition of the band to evolve and transcend its beginnings. The newer materials take additional inspiration from bands such asImperium Dekadenz, Winterfylleth, Hate Forest and Forgotten Tomb. Far from being just a follow up album, Stardust redefines the band's style, having more straightforward compositions, catchy melodies, and heavier riffs.

The band has been expanded with the addition of a drummer, which brings them closer to performing live this year, to support the release of "Stardust".

BLACK LION RECORDS released this monumental album on digital and digipak CD formats on March 25, 2018. Appease your inner self within the enchanting sea of dark melodies.


Jabawock – Guitars, Bass, Arrangements, Vocals
Acharan – Vocals
Session drums by Forge Stone (Norse, Gods of Eden, ex: The Amenta)



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