Livløst - Symphony Of Flies - Out Now

File : Bewitched Black Metal
Cat. Number : Dusk065
Format :  A5 digipack CD | 12" LP Vinyl | 12"LP Lim. Vinyl

Dusktone Records

Tracklist :
1. Symphony of Flies | 2. No Reason | 3. Holy Night | 4. Angelperfume 
5. Red | 6. Hostel 

"Symphony of Flies" is the third Livløst's album, the two norwegians are playing an uncompromising, grimly dissonant and bewitched black metal with definitively sinster atmospheres. Often difficult, frequently nightmarish, this stuff easily ranks as one of nordic lands' more challenging and oblique offerings. And for us, one of his most fascinating.

With a mix of various norsk black metal traditions, atmospheric and mid-tempo practices, and a radical approach to traditional notions of extreme music in its truest sense, ‘Symphony of Flies’ is undoubtedly highly demanding of the listener. 
...a dreamlike descent into the realm of death.


Pandemise (DE)

 Satanic BlackThrash !!! 

Danish virus lockdown project spawn in 2020, 

featuring members of: HateSphere, Rex Satanachia, 

Temple of Baphomet, Defacing God, Impalers, 

Archangel, Psyfreak, (ex)Wasted.

Isdengard - Vårjevndøgn - Full Album & Short review

The legned returned..
The New album has been constantly playing on the bus to downtown lately amongst Bathory's Blood On   Ice.

What's your favourite track from the album so far?
For me the entire album is already a classic.

I've told the local shop to take in some vinyl & CD.
Still need to get there though..

The one I've listened most to is 'Rockemillion' the funniest track.

I've also found out that my own rock n roll album will be more something between old Gorgoroth/Burzum/Isengard etc but totally different though.

I guess mine will sound more bluesy but at tims childish ,sometimes not..

The Isengard album is like a soundtrack to this world or not..
Depends how you see it..
I love it!

All Hail to Fenriz for putting out this goodie !
He has dyed his hair black again ,cut his beard and wear the same necklace as in 94.95?
Managing to still look as young as puzzible just for YOU!

◄ Songs on the new Isengard #Vårjevndøgn album: 1. Cult Metal 00:00 2. Dragon Fly (Proceed upon the Journey) 00:31 3. Floating with the Ancient Tide 04:32 4. The Fright 07:37 5. A Shape in the Dark 12:51 6. Slash at the Sun 16:39 7. Rockemillion 23:02 8. The Light 25:10 9. The Solar Winds Mantra 30:45 ◄ Members: Fenriz (Darkthrone) ◄ Discography of Isengard: Spectres over Gorgoroth (demo, 1989) Horizons (demo, 1991) Vandreren (demo, 1993) Vinterskugge (compilation, 1994) Høstmørke (1995) Traditional Doom Cult (2016) Vårjevndøgn (2020)


Doom band POEMA ARCANVS premiere 'Pilgrim' via Rolling Stone India


Rolling Stone India have premiered the track Pilgrim from the 'Stardust Solitude' album by Chilean doom metal band Poema Arcanvs and interspersed it along with a band interview. The article is a fantastic slice through of the band's processes of music-making and also delves into the future of the band (seriously, fuck this virus!) You can listen to the track and read what Rolling Stone India had to say AT THIS LINK. Excerpt:

"Ahead of the full release of the album, there’s a despairing, suitably heavy new single called “Pilgrim”. Co-founder and guitarist Igor Leiva Benavides points out how, thematically, the song arrives at a point when the record’s protagonist “realizes that the answers he looks for are nowhere to be found.”'

A magnificent full-length of staggering weightage, 'Stardust Solitude'  has opened up to a flurry of great reviews, all of which you can read below!


- "album that deserves a spot among the year’s best doom" - 
Metal Temple (Greece) 9/10

- "will be among the best Doom Metal 2020 releases" - Grinder Magazine (Chile)

- "Very good return of this Chilean band" - Dargedik (Peru) 9/10

- "one of the monuments of Doom today" - Return To My Blood (Mexico)

- "incredibly well-orchestrated and conceived" - Nine Circles (US)

- "brilliant" - The Sleeping Village (UK)

- "incredibly well-rounded album like few others... I wasn’t able to rip myself away from it for some hours" - Headbanger Reviews (US)

- "a solid stunner from back to front, any way you slice it." - Two Guys Metal Reviews (US)

- "a glorious ode to a founding strand of doom" - The Killchain (UK)

- "a prime example of the band’s successful amalgamation of styles and sensations" - No Clean Singing (US)

- "indescribably awesome and exciting" - X-Crash (Germany) 8.5/10

- "Welcome to the funeral dinner" - Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)

- "It is a wonder" - Dioses Del Metal (Spain)

- "excellent" - The (Chile)

- "offers everything that defines Doom" - Metal Only (Germany) 8/10

- "Old Doom values ​​are celebrated with devotion" - Musik Reviews (Germany) 11/15

- "a mature and forceful album" - Radio Future (Chile)

- "definitely becoming a benchmark band and a clear example to follow" - Discordancia (Chile)

- "wrap lovers of the most romantic doom-death in the usual modest and reassuring atmosphere" - Metal Italia (Italy)

- "comes to define and seal years and years of obscure and meticulous devotion to a given path" - Disfactory (Italy)

- "gives us lots of variation and different moods" - Hard Rock Info (Sweden)

Poema Arcanvs (Chile) - Stardust Solitude (August 28th, 2020)

Genre - Doom Metal
Release Date - August 28th, 2020
Record Label - Transcending Obscurity Records

For fans of - Officium Triste, Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Solitude Aeternus, Khemmis

Chilean doom metal band Poema Arcanvs have built up a legendary status over the years, having been around since the '90s to be precise and releasing one impressive album after the other. Inspired originally by the UK doom bands such as Paradise LostAnathama and My Dying Bride, they've forged a powerful, soulful sound which they have perfected over the years. Stardust Solitude is their sixth full length album where they take things to a different level, adding better dynamics and expanding the scope of the music. This is a beautiful album that unravels gracefully, revealing a wealth of variations and moods that few bands are able to create and sustain for the entire duration of the album. The more you listen to it, the more it entrances you with its gentle yet plaintive melodies and entreating vocals that remain with you like warnings from the other side. Dive into this immersive album and emerge a changed person, one rich with profound sensations and a more sentient outlook on life.

Band lineup - 
Claudio Carrasco - Vocals
Juan Diaz - Bass Guitar
Igor Leiva - Guitar
Luis Moya - Drums

Artwork by Enzo Toledo 

Track listing -
1. Stardust Solitude
2. Orphans
3. Haven
4. The Lighthouse Keeper
5. Straits of Devotion
6. Pilgrim
7. Kingdom of Ruins
8. Brave

Official Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Site

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Poema Arcanus Facebook

Thanks a lot!

Alden D

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FURNACE (SWE) Premiere New Song: "The Calling"

Swedish Death Metal trio FURNACE have partnered with Invisible Oranges for the premiere of "The Calling," a track from forthcoming album Dark Vistas.

"The Calling" Track Premiere:

FURNACE's Dark Vistas will be released October 9 on Soulseller RecordsDark Vistas is conceptual death metal in a melodic, thrashing and gothic setting.

What if Paradise LostDeceasedand any Swedish death metal band of choice came together for a full-on storytelling album? Well then you´d have FURNACE´sDark Vistas. Comprised of members from PaganizerDemiurg and Assassins Blade, as well as Cult of the Fox and Void Moon, this Swedish outfit explores a new melodic death metal vista of sorts. It’s still death metal, but it’s also much more. Delve deep into the Lovecraftian and cult-riddled mythos of FURNACE with Dark Vistas.


"As a far-ranging concept album, Dark Vistas offers us the passenger seat on a descent into madness."
- Invisible Oranges

Track Listing:

2 - The Other Ones
3 - The Calling
4 - Yog-Sothoth (The Key and the Gateway)
5 - 94 Bloch Lane
6 - Trapped!
7 - A Journey through Dark Vistas
8 - Escape
9 - From the Blackest Void
10 - Eve of Triumph
11 - Another Ending

Album Credits:

Produced by FURNACE
Music by Johansson, lyrics by Svensson

Recorded at the Rotpit and Night Wind Studio
Mixed and mastered by Svensson at Night Wind Studio
Cover art by Juanjo Castellano
Cover layout and logo by Roberto Toderico
Photos by Lisa Ahlin and David Stranderud


Rogga Johansson - Guitars and Lead Vocals
Peter Svensson - Bass and Backing Vocals
Lars Demoké - Drums and Percussion