Rattenfänger 'Geisslerlieder' - Review Feb.2020

Dark Essence Records Release: 
6 December 2019 

Rattenfänger (Ukraine) has been reviewed in Skullfucker before with their debut album Episolae Obscurorum Virorum & it was very welcome here to say the least. A excellent debut album of old school death metal the way I prefer it. I even went as far as comparing them to old Darkthrone. On Geisslerlieder I sometimes hear some more resemblance to Asphyx, a band I still enjoy. Consisting of musicians from bands such as Drudkh, Blood of Kingu, Hate Forest and Dark Ages.

The name Rattenfänger is taken from the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin (Rattenfänger von Hameln), who was hired by the townsfolk of Hameln, Germany to rid the town of the rats that had overrun it. Unfortunately he is deceived and cheated of his payment, and he exacts a dreadful revenge on the citizens. As on the previous album, all the lyrics are in Latin, written in style of medieval poets, thinkers and troubadours/minstrels. 

Geisslerlieder starts of with an medieval sounding intro and all of a sudden the music blast off. It's relatively fast death metal with a very dark & haunting atmosphere and I notice that the sound seems a bit more harsh & brutal. That being said there are some more mid-tempo tracks among the toal of 7 tracks that are delivered on Geisslerlieder. The gutturals are dark as night and there is no happiness heare but there are some extremely cool hooks & riffs throughout the whole album. I also have to give credit do the drummer for some brilliant work, the rest of the musisicianship is nothing to complain about either. 

Rattenfänger still use some synth and weird fx but not dominating and often, just to set a certain mood sometimes. I also do enjoy the spoken samples they sometimes use on Geisslerlieder and used on Episolae Obscurorum Virorum. I was unsure if I'd hear more from these guys and if they would live up to it with their dark,twisted,obscure death metal in the veins of early 90's deth metal or late 80's if you want. Personally I see it as a natural developement and continuation from their debut Episolae Obscurorum Virorum into even more darker realms if thats possible If it's better tham their debut I can't teall yet 'cause this album has some "hidden" melodies and elements that keep growing for each listen.
Hopefully Rattenfänger will get the attention they deserve 'cause they are truly good at delivering what the do best , real death metal the oldschool way that is!
If you like bands like Apshyx,ealry Darkthrone,Bolthrwower,Aeternus etc you should definately check this brilliant act out! 

Thurios - guitars
 Krechet - bass
 Vlad - drums, keyboards
 Roman - guitars, vocals

Schattenfall Das Verderben Redefining Darkness Records (N.America) | Wolfspell Records (Europe)


March 21, 2019
VERNAL EQUINOX 2019 | Wolfspell Records.html
Snow has become only a memory, and last frost is a past. Spring has come with green landscape. New spells were born in the rays of the spring sun:

Spell 096 Schattenfall - Melancholie des Seins
Spell 097 Suicidal Madness - Dégénérescence
Spell 098 Is Official - Another Side of Existence
Spell 099 Hermóðr - Forest Sky
Spell 101 Sarastus - Enter the Necropolis
Spell 103 Deadlife - 6

Store (with distro update):

Schattenfall is a new experienfe to me, avantgarde black metal is what we get with quite cool vocals and very atmospheric , calm , mid-paced music is what you get  served in a sorrowful package.
It's many emotions ,so it's hard to point out al of 'em but dramatic is for sure one of them.
I have to admit that it was good, but not above average. it1s simply too monotone overall for me even though the vocalist do a good job to change that.
If you like Schatten you should check it out, bur for me personally it gave me nothing special.


German Atmospheric Black Metaller's, SCHATTENFALL, are back with their 3rd release, Das Verderben (roughly translated, The Doom). The album is a wonderful continuation and progression from their stunning debut Schatten in Schwarz and follow up Melancholie des Seins. It seems as though there is a step up in every department on their lastest offering - everything dialed up a notch creating an even more unique and intoxicating atmosphere.

SCHATTENFALL are comprised of ex-members of White Ward, and while definite similarities can most definitely be heard, they take the music to a ever darker more expansive space. Fans of other "depressive / atmospheric" black metal ala Sun of the Sleepless, Secrets of the Moon, Geist, and Lunar Aurora should gush over this stunning release. I would dare to say that, intentionally or unintentionally, the band really were able to invoke quite a bit of the early "avant-garde" black metal bands, Ulver, Arcturus, and Ven Buens Ende as well, which for me was very exciting to hear.

SCHATTENFALL's debut album, Schatten in Schwarz, made a Metal Injection's writer pick for Top Metal Albums of 2018.

Redefining Darkness Records ( U.S.)
Wolfspell Records (Europe)

Schattenfall is :
Ragnar – all vocals
Vladimir Bauer – guitars, bass
Evgen Karamushko – drums

All music written by Vladimir Bauer
All lyrics are compiled poems from Goethe, Heine, Benn

Mixed and mastered by Alexey Nagornykh
Artwork by Valeria Metzker

Vocal recordings done at AMP Studios, Duisburg

Guitars and Bass recordings done at my home, Beckum

Drums recordings done at Dark Blue Records, Odessa

PUTRID OFFAL announce new surgery 02.22

Join the Armies of Human Slaves!


Promo cover art

The Korporation is proud to reveal blood will be running free this Spring as PUTRID OFFAL will be back on May 22 with a new surgical butchery titled “Sicknesses Obsessions“!

After their 2015 comeback debut “Mature Necropsy“, the complete re-writing and re-recording of all of their ’90s material, PUTRID OFFAL are now back with a brand new bloody carnage 19 years after their stillbirth!
Recorded and mixed at PSYKRON studio (MERCYLESS, UNDEAD PROPHECIES…) and mastered at CONKRETE studio (OTARGOS, GOROD…) like its predecessor, featuring special guests among which Stéphane BURIEZ (SINSAENUM, LOUDBLAST…) and Arnaud DHENAIN (BLACK BOMB A…), this new platter of splatter splits the torso wide open and extirpates 15 tracks of frenetic anatomical rampage.
For the careful listener and the real fan, PUTRID OFFAL is not the usual “just gore” and has never been, as ever since their cult 1991 split with EXULCERATION, the band featured Gregorian chants and more into their nevertheless viscerally gory Death / Grind. “Sicknesses Obsessions” is no exception and will definitely impress the unsuspecting listener with unpredictable surprises throughout the album making the band really stand out.
Preorders will begin on April 13 for the first batch of deluxe versions: first print on DigiPak CD (limited to 500 copies) will not only feature two bonus tracks exclusive to the support (17 tracks), but also a live DVD of their pathological performance at 2017’s HELLFEST while the two vinyl versions (red, limited to 100 copies and black) will feature another bonus track, again clusive to this support (16 tracks).
Let There Be Rot!

Track List

“Sicknesses Obsessions” CD / LP

  1. Autopsy
  2. Let There Be Rot
  3. Dura Mater
  4. Necrotic Mutilation
  5. Charnel House
  6. A Rot’s Caress
  7. Glorify Me
  8. Livor Mortis
  9. Lifeblood Ejected
  10. Viscera
  11. Palor Mortis
  12. Skilled Ritual
  13. Barber Butcher
  14. Y Shaped
  15. Vesalius [CD] * // Veins [LP] **
  16. Heaven’s Door
  17. Vasectomy*
  • Total Running Time: 40:38 [CD] / 38:09 [LP]

* Limited edition DigiPak CD bonus tracks
** Vinyl bonus track

“Live at Hellfest” DVD [main content]

Exclusively available as a bonus to the 500 copies DigiPak CD first print.
  1. Livor Mortis
  2. Purulent Cold
  3. Let There Be Rot
  4. From Plasma to Embalming
  5. Repulsive Corpse
  6. Necrotic Mutilation
  7. Gurgling Prey
  8. Rotted Flesh
  9. Organic Excavation
  10. Suffering
  • Total Running Time : 29:52

Line Up

  • Franck PEIFFER – Vocals
  • Philippe REINHALTER – Guitars
  • Frédéric HOURIEZ – Bass
  • Laye LOUHENAPESSY – Drums

Main Discography

  • 2020 – “Sicknesses Obsessions
  • 2017 – “Anatomy” [EP]
  • 2015 – “Mature Necropsy
  • 2015 – “Premature Necropsy” [’90s discography compilation]


CHRONICLES OF HATE Unleash Next Single 'Bet On Tragedy'

Stream and download of single at these links:

Apple Music: in 2016 by guitar players Riccardo D’Angelo and Roberto Simonetti, CHRONICLES OF HATE was raised from the depths of hell with the clear purpose of blending the solid impact of traditional death metal with grooving vibes. Their lyrics are inspired by real events that feed the anger and strong emotions that occur in our daily lives. Influenced by the old school pioneers of the genre such as At The Gates, In Flames, Death, their debut "The Birth of Hate" is a personal interpretation of the tendencies from both old and modern metal.

The band adds about the full length:
"'The Birth of Hate' is our first creation and is the beginning of our adventure. It's a journey through the facets of the anger and motivations that feed it. This album talks about strong emotions and the breaking point from which you cannot go back. We mix different elements of metal for this release, you will find breakdowns, and you will find fast death metal riffs along with intentional melodic parts to give it our own personal sound."

Album pre-order for "The Birth Of Hate" available at
Music Video - 'The Birth of Hate'

Debut Album "The Birth Of Hate" Out Feb 28th via Extreme Metal Music Album Pre-Order Available Italian death metallers CHRONICLES OF HATE have unleashed their lyric video for their next single 'Bet On Tragedy' from their forthcoming debut album "The Birth of Hate" due out February 28th via EXTREME METAL MUSIC.
Track Listing:
1. Deadly World (1:15)
2. Devastation... Rise!! (3:46)
3. The Better Way (4:33)
4. Bet On Tragedy (3:19)
5. The Beast Within (3:50)
6. My Obsession (3:51)
7. Hope Kills (3:52)
8. The Birth of Hate (3:49)
9. Away From Reality (3:27)
Album Length:

Francesco Macchi - Vocals
Riccardo D’Angelo - Guitar
Roberto Simonetti - Guitar
Mirko Pinoli - Bass
Drums on the album by Antonio Inserillo

For more info:

Out, shipping and streaming in full TODAY: VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC "Austrian Dukes of Derangement" - Slam Goregrind - AT


Promo cover art VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC
Austrian Dukes of Derangement
7 February 2020

For Fans of...

Gutalax, Defecal of Gerbe, Cock and Ball Torture  
Join the Armies of Human Slaves! Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Sootify Promo cover art VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC Austrian Dukes of Derangement XENOKORP 7 February 2020 For Fans of... Gutalax, Defecal of Gerbe, Cock and Ball Torture Overview Spitting forth scorn and disgust on everything and everyone, playing everywhere they possibly can since more than a decate with a fetish for the most remote places and followed by a pack of twisted lunatic fucks of a fanbase, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC are as cult as it can possibly be within the Slamming Death Metal / Goregrind scene and each of their rare releases is a delight for their fans always eager to revel in body fluids of all kind, remains of disembowelment and whatnot and, of course, "Austrian Dukes of Derangement", their brand new EP after six long years, is no exception! Featuring three brand new songs, a GRONIBARD cover version and an instrumental version for a contest for which people will have to record their own vocal version of which the best will be selected by the band to be featured on their next release, "
Austrian Dukes of Derangement", its insane artwork by Matthias AUER for MOTTLA Art (BRAIN DRILL, KRAANIUM, VULVECTOMY...), its special guest vocals by Haruka KAMIYAMA (GOREVENT, MEDIC VOMITING PUS, TRAUMATOMY...) and the three DEFECAL OF GERBE vocalists, and its "Keep Calm and Disembowel Everybody" companion T-shirt will for sure be a delight for anyone into blood, pus and gastric juices! All hail the Dukes! Track List Against Humans, Against Animals, Against Everything Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage Banger Gang-Raped Acranius [DoG-y Style] Va faire la vaisselle Gang-Raped Acranius [Sing Mit Fritzi] 

Total Running Time: 12:00 Track 4 is a GRONIBARD cover Line-Up Franz STOCKREITER - Vocals Werner KNIESEK - Guitars Wolfgang OTT - Bass [session on tracks 1-3 & 5] Credits All music & lyrics by VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC except "Va faire la vaisselle" by GRONIBARD Produced by VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC except "Va faire la vaisselle", engineered by Simon BEHRINGER Mixing and mastering by Déhà at HH Studio Special guest vocals on "Against..." by Haruka KAMIYAMA (TRAUMATOMY) Special guest vocals on "Gang-raped..." by Hervé MOTTE, David CHAIGNE and Mickael CHAIGNE (DEFECAL OF GERBE) Artwork by Matthias AUER for MOTTLA Art Additional art and layout by Emmanuel PLISZKE Executive Producer: Nicolas WILLIART for XENOKORP Records

Dwaal (NOR) - Gospel Of The Vile - Review & Video Preview


6 traxx & neraly 60 mins
 Dark Essence Records - Release date 06.03.20

Behold! Here comes the Norwegian masters gloomy, doomy & sinister Sludge with an apocalyptic mix of Beauty Vs. Brutality namely DWAAL

Gospel of The Vile is this 6 headed monster from OLSO Debut Album
Gospel Of The Vile is the 3rd track on the album and the tracks are loooong and you feel like you're just are being drawn down into the pits of hell of this sinister,at times agressive, still actually positivity strikes trough or happines. I'm afraid people will kill me for using wrong words here.

I was supposed to write from beginning to end, the two first tracks 'Ascent' & 'Like Rats' started out with what I choose to call a warning sound, cause this is the most slow & perverted way you can get to hell, they don't stop there. When you're down they drag you even more down under muddy places that can only be described as glue or quicksand. Holy fuck! Now the 4th track started named 'Obsidian Heart Burns' and it started out with a fuckin' awesome signature riff and a beginning that will put you into trance even if you're highly medicated for AD/HD!

The vocals was a little bit more raspy, raw & evil, kinda like a voice telling you that you're below hell and even worse and yeah, I think this is their job 'cause it's sludge and me and the mentioned genre well.. Dwaal really manages to convince me with this monument of an album ''Gospel Of The Vile'
There is a nerve going on throughout the whole album and there are some nervous wrecks, it's funny as I'm actually preparing who I can get out of my house or make quiet pretty fast, or the last part that I prefer which is to play this with likeminded individuals invite some geeks over just to throw sticky candy at them. The athmosphere is perfect with various synth noise and some tribal like , but also schizophrenic vocal that suits very well.
I was sure we were at the last track, but again. Behold! It's not it's the blasphemous track 'The Whispering Ones.. I love the lyrics here ' My Death Is A Feast, No Grave,No Funeral,Only Funeral,cmy Fate Has Been Sealed, My Doom Is Unmarked,My Lady,She is Cold, She is Old, I live only to Join Her... '
The vocals are in strict English and very blasphemous as they merge between deathlike (silence) & blacklike vocals.

It's hard to explain how this album can build up after all words, but The Whispering Ones' was without doubt the "highest" highlight on 'Gospel Of The Vile'

The last opus named 'Descent' and has a duration on 16.28 almost I'd Rather Die In Battle Now' & 'Ready To Fight' is the lyrics I get and also that he can't bedriven from his post of violence and destruction, send your demons to attack. There is very much violence & Destruction in this track but they rasp the guitar first in a bad way and then in a good way and even feel like this journey beneath & above the pits of screaming corpses, and all of a sudden the beautiful cleand but distorted guitar and the nicest synth I've heard since '92 appears slowly fading in of course.

The vocals now are more like they are trying to sing the moon a lullabye. Speak of the devil.. Violence,destruction & attacking demons are back ' I am The picture that you fear, I am all your sins.

The light that you see is not of the skies.

Dwaal was a new name to me being out of the scene for a while and their album 'Gospel Of The Vile' is amogst the best, if not the best doom,sludge album we've listened to as far as I remeber.
If you're into this style you'll be in for a fuckin' masterpiece! A very talented,dareful,playful and majestic debut album. This is not by far the last we'll hear from this monster. I do guess they need another while to create this beautiful insanity so perfectly. Gospel Of The Vile is so dramatic & chaotic yet, beautiful and relaxing so you don't grow tired easily. At first listen I listened 3-4 times through the entire opus and did not get bored once. I'd go so far as advice you to check it out even if you're not typically into this genre.

For fans of Neurosis, Cult of Luna, YOB, Thou & Amenra

             Words By Gravarson_aLmighty

VIOGRESSION To Release Demo Collection Via HPGD Prod. Set For Release on February 28th

VIOGRESSION to release demo collection via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and Thrashing Corpse Records; "Perception Blur" set for release on February 28th

VIOGRESSION to release demo collection via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and Thrashing Corpse Records; Perception Blurset for release on February 28th
rception Blur

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and and Thrashing Corpse Records are proud to present the the early demos collection from the legendary VIOGRESSION, entitled Perception Blur

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, VIOGRESSION chronicles their 1988 debut as a Thrash band through their transition to Death Metal in 1990. Perception Blurshowcases the early VIOGRESSION demos spanning from 1988-1990, featuring Execution (4-song demo - 1990), Perception Blur (4-song demo - 1989), the Apocalypse1989 demo (2-songs) as well as two previously unreleased tracks from 1988. 

Listen to album track "Execution [Execution Demo] at

All recordings have been recently remastered and packaged with new artwork, historical info, lyrics and photos courtesy of original drummer Jef Jaeger. Perception Blur commemorates the 30th anniversary of these VIOGRESSION demo tapes, and contains the best recordings of the band leading up to the now classic Expound And Exhort album released in 1991. 

This skull crushing collection of old school Thrash and Death Metal tracks will appeal to fans of Asphyx, Coroner, Death, Exhumer, Exodus, Kreator, early Metallica, Megadeth, Morta Skuld, Numskull, Obituary and Sepultura.

Pre-order Perception Blur on CD and digital formats at


1. Execution [Execution Demo]
2. Fleshlords [Execution Demo]
3. Nothing (Psychosomatic Insanity) [Execution Demo]
4. Survival Denial [Execution Demo]
5. Perception Blur [Perception Blur Demo]
6. Thirst For Blood [Perception Blur Demo]
7. Bare Wounds [Perception Blur Demo]
8. Cryonic Death [Perception Blur Demo]
9. Xglbtts [Perception Blur Demo]
10. Thirst For Blood [Apocalypse Demo]
11. Cryonic Death / Xglbtts [Apocalypse Demo]
12. Victim Of Delusion [Disaster Demo]
13. Feast From Within [Rehearsal Tape August 1988]

This skull crushing collection of old school Thrash and Death Metal tracks will appeal to fans of Asphyx, Coroner, Death, Exhumer, Exodus, Kreator, early Metallica, Megadeth, Morta Skuld, Numskull, Obituary 


1. Execution [Execution Demo]
2. Fleshlords [Execution Demo]
3. Nothing (Psychosomatic Insanity) [Execution Demo]
4. Survival Denial [Execution Demo]
5. Perception Blur [Perception Blur Demo]
6. Thirst For Blood [Perception Blur Demo]
7. Bare Wounds [Perception Blur Demo]
8. Cryonic Death [Perceptio [Perception Blur Demo]
10. Thirst For Blood [Apocalypse Demo]
11. Cryonic Death / Xglbtts [Apocalypse Demo]
12. Victim Of Delusion [Disaster Demo]
13. Feast From Within [Rehearsal Tape August 1988]
Pre-order info:

CD & digital: HERE

Perception Blur T-Shirt: HERE

Apocalyptic Disaster T-Shirt: HERE

The Demos Black T-Shirt: HERE

The Demos White T-Shirt: HERE

Flukt ´Darkness Devour´ NOR 2019 Review

All right here we go with FLUKT a Norwegian is well know to Skullfuker with interview and review earlier.
I enjoyed their previous material which lead to interview.

This is their debut album ‘Darkness Devour’ it’s straight forward black metal in the traditional way.
‘Darkness Devour’ really starts to kick off with a great turn and enjoyable experi

Already at first track they set the standard of ‘Darkness Devour’ which is a great experience for me to get a better overview of the beauty of the music when it reveal itself and it’s dark, aggressive with good melodies that keep you going on and take a part of the journey of furious and melodic journey.
It’s not for the faint hearted.
FLUKT kept their style and stay true to their own music. A solid debut album overall and an excellent experience. FLUKT has really improved the way they perform their art. The tracks are overall more interesting,memorable and solid than before.
It’s an album I will play a lot in the future as there are some very promising stuff here that I can’t really describe, just enjoy it all and Darkness Devour’ will reveal everything eventually.
If you enjoy their previous material you will probably be positively pleased with ‘Darkness Devour’ as their live up to their own spirit of true Norwegian black metal. Raw, fast and melodic as only FLUKT delivers.
Unpolished relentless in your face black metal is what you get. I also like the way they slow down and leave room for the listeners to breathe with their atmospheric sound and parts of the album. They have really been working on good melodies and not just drive full speed ahead...
Absolutely worth checking out if you’re into the genre!


Bull Elephant S/T Debut album Stream

Anonymous UK Collective BULL ELEPHANT Release S/T Debut / Album Streaming
UK anonymous collective BULL ELEPHANT have released its self-titled devut album on Eat Lead and Die Music. Purchase and/or stream the album below.

Bull Elephant is the story of a slain African elephant that occultist Ahnenerbe SS attempted to bring back from the dead as a new form of battle asset. However, before re-animation could be completed it was intercepted by a mysterious witch-shaman, pursuing her own agenda and redirecting the undead creature’s purpose.

Think of the background concept as Raiders of the Lost Ark set to a progressive doom soundtrack where Judeo-Christian mythology is replaced by the even more sinister universe hinted at in the writings of H. P. Lovecraft.... with Nazi assault wolves.

The BULL ELEPHANT debut album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Ghost) at Orgone Studios, Bedfordshire, UK.

The album will be available from Bandcamp as a 24-bit download. The accompanying physical release is a 210x210mm (8.5” sq.), 26-page lyric and artwork booklet with CD insert that gives more insight into the pre-war world of the creature.

A lyric video for the title track is available at A promo video for "Construct of Chaos" can be found at

"Now, as I wrap up my thirteenth listen, I know it’s silly, but in a very addicting way. These guys are so over the top that they land on both feet on the other side of excess, and somehow end up delivering a killer progressive doom album with plenty of side dishes of death and thrash." 
- Angry Metal Guy

"You can feel the zombie elephant stomping the terra – if you close your eyes and put your mind in right place, you can live in the middle of it. It’s a monster." - Flying Fiddlesticks

"It’s certainly an interesting concept that is behind the debut of Bull Elephant here. Happily though, that inspiration has birthed a pretty spectacular record. A record that has a lot to say about what can be done to take doom to a different & more unique level." 
- Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"The whole thing has been put together superbly, whoever it is doing the singing and playing. Tracks move in and out of the consciousness seamlessly, giving the album a very cohesive feel whatever style is being employed. Equal parts beguiling, affecting, and effective, Bull Elephant is a must-listen for anyone with an ear for quirky themes and bang-on musicianship."
- Sentinel Daily

"Really bloody unusually good for a debut. It’s a unique album from clearly talented people from various musical backgrounds."
- Noob Heavy

Thank you in advance for supporting BULL ELEPHANT with news posts, airplay, reviews, and/or interviews! Do not hesitate to let us know what you need to make coverage happen. Cheers!


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