OBSCENITY (Ger) - Atrophied In Anguish

 Apostasy Records

Release date : 14.September 2012

The German death metal veterans Obscenity are back with their eight album entitled "Atrophied In Anguish" witch is their first release since 2006' "Sinners Bleed"

This is a brutal piece of work we get here, combined with stunning riffs & splendid guitar solos and blasting drums without overdoing it.
The melodic parts on this album is very enjoyable and blends perfectly into their brutality,and at times the album reminds me of 90's death metal when it was at it's best.

With the massive sound & twisted vocals this album certainly ranks high.
It's not often I enjoy a whole album with with the volume turned up to red,
but with this masterpiece is hard to keep the volume down.

Atrophied In Anguish" is one of those albums that grows for each listen.
The wait was for sure worth it, cause this release is a masterpiece of it's own.
This is brutal in your fucking face death metal the way it should be!

Meanwhile check 'em out here.

Remember to buy your copy this killer if you like it,support the real deal!!!

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