Frostskogr (Nor) - Tamquam Lupum in medio Ovium

I usually have an open mind when listening to new stuff and so I did on this one.
This is labeled black metal, but I'm  not really sure what this band is trying to do.
Musically it's a bit messy & the guitar sound is terrible,the vocals are way louder than the music witch is very monotonus ,the screamy ones are not good,but the clean vocals are ok and could be used more if they had concentrated more on the ambient parts and developed more ideas and melodies before releasing this,it could maybe have been something in the future.
But for now I just have to say that this band needs some time before they release more. 

When you can't find a single positive aspect about the music even though you tried you know it's not worth bothering.
So I suggest you look elsewhere if you're not a die-hard fan.

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