Sticky Boys - This Is Rock 'n Roll

While listening to a lot of metal lately it's nice to get some rock 'n roll.
It's a while since Iv'e got a decent rock 'n roll album,but here we are.

The frenchmen Sticky Boys delivers very simple and 'easy to like' rock 'n roll the traditional way.
At first I have to say that many will say that this is just another AC/DC clone,because it sounds very much like them,but despite the fact and give this album a chance.
To me this becomes a feel good album,perfect music to start the party with or just enjoy at your own while playing air guitar.

The tracks are very memorable after only a few listens not a surprise since you've probably heard the riffs many times before.

Armed with good melodies,great riffs,stunning solo's a sixpack n' some bitches this can't go wrong.
The production is very good & the band knows how to play ,so no need to go further into that.

Just listen to tracks like 'Girls In The City' & 'The Way To Rock 'n Roll' and you'll know what I mean.
This is an album that for sure will be played more here,as I like it, but people looking for something new will be disappointed as all the riffs has been played before and there's nothing groundbreaking here.

But as said,I like it and couldn't care less if people see this as a 'rip off' or 'clone' I'm sure the band are aware of that themselves,so fuck that go buy some beer,invite the nearest chick and have yourself one hell of a party!


Genre: Hard Rock

Alex Kourelis – rhythm & lead guitars, lead vocals
JB Chesnot – bass, backing vocals
Tom Bullot – drums, backing vocals

Track Listing:

1.    This Is Rock’n'Roll (intro)
2.    Rock’n'Roll Nation
3.    Bang That Head
4.    Great Big Dynamite
5.    Girls In The City
6.    Big Thrill
7.    Miss Saturday Night
8.    The World Don’t Go Round
9.    Night Rocker
10.    Fat Boy Charlie
11.    The Way To Rock’n'Roll


Label: Listenable Records

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