LINK FIXED: Vicious Colombian black/death band BESTIALIZED's album streaming on Metal Sucks

Metal Sucks is streaming this vicious band's album in its entirety HERE. It's a niche style but if you like your music to be volatile and scathing in the black/death metal vein, you need this in your life.

"It’s brutal, it’s interesting, and it has a song called “Cosmic War Maggot” on it. You can’t go wrong."
- Metal Sucks (US)

"burns like a fire!" - Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)

"will appeal to the Old School and to all who are looking for blood and bestial ferocity." - Black Metal Ist Krieg (Italy)

"dense, atmospheric and dark" - Headbangers Latino America

"excellent rhythmic work" - Iye Zine (Italy)

"powerful and uncompromising" -  Metal Viewer (Germany)

"If you are a fan of chaotic black death metal, then look no further" - Canadian Assault

Bestialized (Colombia) - 'Termestella Cvltvs' (2016)

Genre - Vicious Black/Death Metal
Release Date - May 21st, 2016
Record Label - Satanath Records (Russia)
For fans of - Impiety, Blasphemy, Sarcophago, The Furor, Krisiun, Slayer

Bestialized return to wreak havoc one more time. 'Termestella Cvltvs' is the band's third and latest, and even more ferocious than the predecessors. This is Slayer of the 21st century - if you consider how extreme the sound can develop while keeping that same fiery intent alive and with the aid of the newest and the harshest form of black and death metal. Only the South Americans can whip up such a storm, taking a leaf from revolutionary acts like Krisuin, Abhorrence and Rebaelliun, and furthermore using that level of lightening-speed execution to propel an even sharper and vicious form of extreme metal. The hate that is emitted here is unparalleled. The causticity is palpable - your skin can feel it. It's time to take things up a notch or 10 and revel in this new form of malicious and wicked music. This is the purest form of blistering black metal that remains unabated and ruthless from start to finish. A real adrenaline rush, if there ever was one for this style of uncompromising music.


Album Line-up:
Nocturnal - Guitars, Bass, Didgeridoo, Drum programming
Ashahalasin - Vocals

Track list:
1. Harvest Throes 01:01
2. Hell's Gateway Abattoir 04:36
3. Algorab Domain 05:08
4. Everlasting Mark Of Uroboros 04:56
5. Black Sun Servants 04:11
6. Cosmic War Maggot 05:45
7. Clamore Mortem Tumulus (Banshee Inflexion) 04:34
8. Nullpunktsenergie (Quintessence's Reactor) 03:20
9. Bestialized (Harassment Black Fire) 03:49

Owner/Label head/Artist

Transcending Obscurity - webzine, record label and PR company

Official PR Company for Xtreem Music, Solitude Productions, Weird Truth Productions, Selfmadegod Records, Memento Mori, Lacerated Enemy Records, Chaos Records, Cimmerian Shade Recordings, Obscure Musick, Satanath Records, Infernal Devastation, Rising Nemesis Records, and many more. 

Bestialized - Nullpunktsenergie (Quintessence's Reactor)

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