Temple Of Void - Releases their debut/full-lengt in 2014

TEMPLE OF VOID sign with Rain Without End and Saw Her Ghost for debut full length in 2014
Death / Doom Metal band TEMPLE OF VOID recently signed on with Rain Without End Records (Canada / Germany) and Saw Her Ghost Records (Detroit, USA) to release their debut full-length in 2014. TEMPLE OF VOID's debut full-length will be released on both CD (Rain Without End - early 2014) and Vinyl LP (Saw Her Ghost - 2014). TEMPLE OF VOID are currently writing music for their debut full-length.
TEMPLE OF VOID self-released their demo "DEMO MMXIII" in May 2013, since then the demo has been rereleased by Till You Fukkin Bleed on Cassette which can be purchased here:
 And will be released as a digipac with a previously unreleased track on Archaic Sound (Poland) later this year.
"DEMO MMXIII" is also available through the band in physical & digital formats and can be purchased on their bandcamp page:
To keep up to date with TEMPLE OF VOID make sure to "like" their facebook page here:
The track "Examinate Gaze" from "DEMO MMXIII" can be heard here:
Exanimate Gaze - Temple of Void (version II)
Exanimate Gaze - Temple of Void (version II)
1. Beyond the Ultimate 6:07
2. Exanimate Gaze 5:32
3. Bargain In Death
Alex Awn - Les Paul
Eric Blanchard - Les Paul
Mike Erdody - Microphone
Jason Pearce - Yamaha
Brent Satterly - Rickenbacker
Temple of Void is an uncompromising new band from the depths of Detroit and from all corners of the universe. ToV plays doom metal. ToV plays death metal. ToV harkens back to the somber sound of early British doom, while channeling the energy and devastation of old school American death metal. But ToV is far more than the sum of its parts. Temple of Void controls worlds. And then crushes them.
Temple of Void self-released their demo in May 2013. Four weeks later and they had signed to four different record labels. First was a cassette version of the demo with a label from the Ukraine, then a digipac CD version with a label from Poland, and then finally securing a deal with a label from Canada and one from the US to release a full-length in 2014 on CD and LP respectively.
Temple of Void is currently writing music for their debut full-length. They're also looking to spread their melancholic metal of death from coast to coast. If you're interested in booking ToV, use the contact below. They want to slay your city! If you want to review the demo or interview the men behind the metal, get in touch! Fuck

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