Finnish Symphonic Extreme Metal band KARA DARAHU release first official video trailer "The Anguish of the Black"

Finnish Symphonic Extreme Metal band KARA DARAHU release first official video trailer "The Anguish of the Black"
Monumental Symphonic Extreme Metal band KARA DARAHU (Finland) have released their first official video trailer featuring the track "The Anguish of the Black". The video was filmed and produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is directed by Victoria Pelejero. Camila Rodriguez, the 12 years old actress who is having nightmares in the video,  is best known as a Phantom Girl in the awarded short film "La Chica Más Rara Del Mundo - The Weirdest Girl In The World". 

Victoria Pelejero (Director) comments about the filming:
"It all started as lets make a 1 minute promo video for the upcoming album but then, instead of some motion graphics about the logo, we came up with the idea of filming this little simple story which works more like a trailer, combining some clichès of 80s movies (catholic girl, bloody toys, shadows and nightmares). What we didnt know is that a nightmare it would be.
"Don´t put fake blood on Jesus!" mama used to say, and damn she was right.
From the second we throw blood on the cross the problems started. Lights went off twice during filming, a light was burnt then, strange noises all around, and 3 computer disks burnt while editing (One in the name of the father, other in the name of the son, and the last for the holy spirit). We all had nightmares in the process... those really obvious Freddy-like nightmares... that we were ashamed to tell. At the end, it was like "thank god this Finn crazyness is over" and yet... we would do it again, just for the love of blood"

Kara Darahu composer Samuli adds:
"We are happy and excited about everything what's going on at the moment. As a Finnish band our first video was filmed and produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Huge thanks for Victoria Pelejero, and everyone who was involved in this and made the film possible."

"The Anguish of the Black" will appear on KARA DARAHU's debut album "From The Depths Of Neverwell" which is set to be released in 2014.

The video trailer can be viewed here:
Kara Darahu - Official The Anguish Of The Black (From The Depths Of Neverwell) 
On June 28th, 2013 KARA DARAHU released the single "Aether Inhaled Deformities" which can be purchased at the following link:

Make sure to "like" the official KARA DARAHU facebook page to keep up to date with the band and their progress on the new album:  
Samuli Tuomas Mäkelä -All Music
Tuomas Kuusinen - Vocals 

**What is Kara Darahu**

a fear of mind escaping from you
that distant light is dead
a dragging sensation holds breath
the pressing of the black
owns many names yet only one true face"

Working currently on debut album!

Digital single "Aether Inhaled Deformities" 2013

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