Toxic Waltz - Decades Of Pain CD - Review

The German thrashers Toxic Waltz released their debut CD 'Decades Of Pain earlier this year, due to various issues the review has been delayed until now.
Toxic Waltz was formed in 2009 by guitarist Jimi and former drummer Tim hailing from Munchen,Bavaria.

Looking at the cover and band logo it's not hard to tell what genre it is, it has been lot of thrash acts starting up the last years, so the question is what separates this band from all other bands out there doing the same, I don't know really..
What I do know is that this a one hell of a good album, something I found out pretty early in the listening session.

What I find unique about this release is the way they execute it all from start to end with massive sound and all those extra little details that makes you listen once more.
The band is aggressive and good at handling their weapons ,Decades Of Pain is a very majestic album packed with solid tracks that shows that this is much more than another mediocre release, this band is here to stay. 
Decades Of Pain contains nine tracks including the intro and should keep all fans entartained for a while, it's available on CD and is also to find on Spotify and is an album you can listen from start to end, and then once again...

I have to admit I was blown away by this release 'cause I didn't expect it to be that good though ', there is no weak spots on 'Decades...'  But some are of course better than others, just listen to Obsession To Kill' and Suicide Squad' and 'Morbid Symphony'


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