Power Metal Vets IRON FIRE Releasing 'Among the Dead' in September

Veteran Danish Power Metallers IRON FIRE will release their 8th full-length album Among the Dead September 26 on Crime Records. The album will be available on CD, cassette, and vinyl LP formats. Check out the Among the Dead Preview Video below.

Want to Headbang like it's 1999? Then Among the Dead should be your obvious choice. The new offering from IRON FIRE is as old school as it gets 16 years into the millennium.  The 90s spawned a lot of power metal classics, and Among the Dead is made in the spirit of those. Albums like Black in Mind (Rage), The Dark Saga (Iced Earth) and Better Than Raw (Helloween) were all blueprints for the making of Among the Dead.

Recorded in Death Island Studio with engineer Marco Angioni and Mixed in Poland's Hertz Studios, heaviness is guaranteed, along with melodic hooks, blistering guitars and pounding power metal drumming. This is no-bullshit metal from the heart, made by Denmarks finest power metal band!

Track Listing:

1) Intro (The Lost City) [CD/Cassette]
2) Among the Dead
3) Hammer of the Gods
4) Tornado of Sickness
5) Higher Ground
6) Iron Eagle
7) Made to Suffer
8) The Last Survivor
9) No Sign of Life
10) Ghost from the Past
11) When the Lights go out
12) For whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica cover)  [CD/Cassette]


Denmark's best-selling power metal band Iron Fire is still alive and kicking. Sixteen years ago when a new millennium was entered, the Thunderstorm album struck the world, and is today considered a Danish power metal cult classic. Seven albums later the band still breathes as vibrantly as ever, and although there's been various line-up changes, founding member Martin Steene and his sidekick Kirk Backarach pushed the boundaries of the band. In addition to Steene and Kirk, another founding member joined the battlefield, as original drummer Gunnar Olsen rejoined the band in 2015 after 15 years of absence. Iron Fire is therefore now a three-piece band that still clings to melodic old school power metal as it was meant to be played. The music however has not remained still, instead evolving over time:From the dark epic "Voyage of the Damned" and the rock n roll influenced "March of the Immortals," to classic power hymns like "Wings of Rage." But first and foremost Iron Fire takes power metal very literally, as the common denominator in the music is, and has always been, power...with a capital P!

PRC MUSIC signs deal with AMBIVALENCE!


PRC MUSIC signs deal with AMBIVALENCE! PRC MUSIC is very happy to announce the addition of the Ukrainian kill machine AMBIVALENCE to its roster of bands! Formed in early 2000, AMBIVALENCE can be described as technical brutal death metal. The band has released 3 albums, toured all over their native Ukraine but also Moldova,Russia and Poland, sharing the stage over the past few years with Nile, Deranged, Gorguts, Hate and Vader to name but a few. AMBIVALENCE will be releasing its 4th album,"Hyena's Breath", through PRC MUSIC in December 2016 on CD and Digital formats. Full coverage on the band is scheduled in the 3rd issue of UNLEASHED Magazine coming out on August 15. Follow the band on facebook here: Play / Share / Enjoy the first single "Size does matter" here:

1 of 1,714 Irish Thrashers Psykosis Announce Debut Album Details 'Welcome To The Psyko Ward'

Irish Thrashers Psykosis Announce Debut Album Details 'Welcome To The Psyko Ward'

Anyone who has seen Psykosis live can attest to this; these guys are the epitome of what party thrash is all about. High energy live performances, fast paced action on stage and riffs to boot with memorable hooks and crowd sing-a-longs, not to forget the all important lashings of tongue-in-cheek, and often childish, humour.

The thrash outfit hail from Dublin, Ireland and started in 2008 after a booze fuelled binge and desire to inject some good fun into the rich but sombre Irish metal scene. The band began honing their sound on the stages of Dublin and progressed to headliner gigs and support slots with internationally recognised acts such as D.R.I., Sacred Reich, Evile, Blaze Bayley and Gama Bomb. The band got their first break in mainland UK when they were invited to Bloodstock Open Air in the summer of 2014. Their performance has gone down in the history books of the festival as during their set Psykosis and their crew threw out hundred's of bottles of home brew just prior to performing the song 'Beach Party', a song which the band were more than happy to share their inflatable beach toys with the appreciative crowd for. From that moment the band have been inviting folk all across the UK to their fun filled shows as well as having set sail and ventured to far flung places (from little old Ireland at least) such as Metal Days in Slovenia and more.

They say time flies when you're having fun, and that is indeed the case with Psykosis because after eight years in existence the band have only recently hit the studio with producer Steven Rats Rahaman and recorded their debut album, a collection of songs which have already gotten a good thrashing on the live circuit and has garnered an enthusiastic audience seal of approval.

Entitled Welcome To The Psyko Ward, this album "is loud and in your face!" as put by vocalist/guitarist Grant Walsh. "We tried keep the energy up as to what we would be like on stage, so it's like having us play live in your house or car or wherever! After a prolonged wait for this album coming out that day is almost among us and we cannot wait to share it with everyone."

Artwork as seen above was done by Andrej Maggotmeister Bartulovic and track listing can be seen below.
1. Rise To Fall
2. Hunt To Kill
3. Driller Kller
4. Mortar Platoon
5. Tag Your Dead
6. Terror At 3am
7. Toxic Fugitive

Upcoming Live Dates
22nd July - Carnage Metal Club - Dublin, Ireland
11th August - Bloodstock Open Air - Derbyshire, UK

Welcome To The Psyko Ward is out 16th September 2016!
Pre-order here:

WITHERING SOUL Release Official Music Video for "Hour of Obstinacy"

Melodic Black Metallers WITHERING SOUL have partnered with Brave Words for the exclusive premiere of the official music video for "Hour of Obstinacy." Check it out at:
The song is taken from 2015 Mortal Music release Adverse Portrait. Order the album from Amazon, iTunes, and other digital retailers.

Adverse Portrait was engineered and mixed by Chris Wisco at Belle City Sound, and mastered by Dennis Israel at Clintworks Audio. Cover art is by Pierre-Alain D of 3mmi Design. 

"The terrifying atmosphere that shrouds each song in horror and the lethal sound the guitars and drums create, Adverse Portrait is an album melodic black metal fans should not miss." 
 - Metal Reviews 
"There is nothing withering about this band what so ever, they are steadfast and forthright and capture with a contagious melodic soul that simply cannot be ignored!" 5/5 
- RAM Zine
"The band play Melodic Black Metal that has speed and melody in abundance yet knows the value of restraint."
- Wonderbox Metal

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AKRAL NECROSIS to bring the Underlight this October

AKRAL NECROSIS to bring the Underlight this October





 For a good while now, Akral Necrosis are working on their new full-length, the second in the history of the group. Recordings are still ongoing at Studio148 under the supervision of Marius Costache, but the process is near its end. Time has come for the band to announce the name of the new material:

The title of the second Akral Necrosis opus is "Underlight".

The contrasting juxtaposition of the two words is appropriate and necessary to incorporate multiple meanings, evoked by the lyrical content of the material. Unlike the band’s debut album, "Pandemic Dominion", built around a narrative line, their upcoming effort quits the classic format, but keeps a well-defined conceptual axis, framed by a more violent and elaborate sound.

After the successful collaboration that led to the release of the (inter)SECTION split, Loud Rage Music and Akral Necrosis are joining forces again scheduling the release of this heinous Black Thrash Metal monster titled “Underlight” at the beginning of October.  The release date is itself part of the constellation of symbols used by the group.

"Underlight" will contain nine songs that revolve around a bleak concept: death, the other gift of birth, the only absolute certainty, concrete and ineffable, at the antipode of an inextricable existence.


Akral Necrosis FaceBook -
Loud Rage Music Website -
Loud Rage Music Bandcamp -



 Loud Rage Music Summer Sampler

Now available here and highly recommended for free streaming, embed, downloading, sharing the first label sampler from Loud Rage Music featuring tracks from all materials released so far and some to be released in the near future from the following bands:

Whispering Woods (Symphonic Gothic Doom Metal)
Grieving Mirth (Atmospheric Post Black Metal)
Ordinul Negru (Occult Black Metal)
Akral Necrosis (Occult Thrash Black Metal)
Marchosias (Experimental Black Metal)
Tragacanth (Symphonic Melodic Black Death Metal)
Ashaena (Pagan Folk Black Metal)
Blutrina (Looney Fuckin' Grind)
False Reality (Melodic Death Metal)

Please support and share it! \m/

SEPUTUS First single & Preorders!

SEPUTUS (members of PYRRHON) prepare debut album MAN DOES NOT GIVE, release first single and album details

SEPUTUS is a long-running extreme metal collaboration between instrumentalist Steve Schwegler and vocalist Doug Moore, both currently of New York experimental metal act PYRRHON. MAN DOES NOT GIVE, their first officially-released LP, is a terrifying plunge into the depths of dissonant '90s-era American death metal, tempered by black metal melancholia and braced by elements of grind, thrash, and industrial noise. As carefully textured as it is ferociously direct, MAN DOES NOT GIVE offers a unique and vivid reflection of the ugliness and sorrow that pervade modern life.

After years of gestation, MAN DOES NOT GIVE is set for an October 21 release on CD and vinyl via Canada’s PRC Music.

Preorders for the physical versions of the album are available here:

It is available for digital preorder via the band here:

Founded in 2005, SEPUTUS produced a number of "lost" / unreleased recordings before slipping into inactivity circa 2009. Inspired by his experiences in the military, Schwegler revived SEPUTUS in 2013, composing and recording the bulk of a new album himself before leaving the service. The band added bassist Erik Malave (also of Pyrrhon) to the lineup in early 2015. SEPUTUS completed the resultant official debut LP, MAN DOES NOT GIVE, later that year. The album was mixed by Schwegler and mastered by Alan Douches; Caroline Harrison created the cover art and layout.

MAN DOES NOT GIVE track listing:

1. The Fist That Makes Flesh
2. Downhill Battle
3. Soft Palates Rasp
4. Desperate Reach
5. Top Of The Food Chain
6. Two Great Pale Zeroes
7. Vestigial Tail
8. Attrition Tactics
9. Haruspex Retirement Speech
10. A Perfect Gentleman
11. Wetwork Hangover
12. No Mind Will Enshrine Your Name

Runtime: 35:51


 Copyright © 2016 PRC MUSIC, All rights reserved.