LONGHOUSE II: Vanishing - Review

Self-Release Release: 14 April 2017

Longhouse give me a new experience with their doomy and slow sludge metal witch starts of calm and buils up into the record and take you on a journey you won't miss 'cause it's alot happening and their blackened screamy vocals add a new level to it, at first I was not to fond of the vocals, but after listeing I like it more and more.

This is not something you hear everyday 'cause it's hard to put them in a category and genre but I must say that it's doom with black/death infuences and it's raw and delightful how the mood changes throughout the album.

These Canadian doomsters certainly have done one hell of a job with this album.
It's a killer combination of the guitars and the vocals and it's a dark and sinister atmosphere witch draw you into their col void of slugde and madness.
This album is a must check out if you're into athmpspheric doom, sludge metal, it's heavy as fuck!

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