Istårn - Downfall Of The Gods Ep 2011

According to the facebook profile they play "True Norwegian Black Metal".
But as I listen to the opening track it's obvious that there are very much thrash influences here.
At least musically speaking,especially the guitar riffs & song structure.

Listening to the second track I'm somewhat surprised as Istårn actually manage to create some good acoustic parts both on guitar and bass before they continue in a quite fast tempo,with a catchy lead guitar throughout the song. The vocal parts on the refrain part on "Fountain Of Frozen Blood" Is something I find quite enjoyable and suits the track very well.

The other part of the EP contains 2 tracks "Istårn" and the title track "Downfall Of The Gods. The first one starts of with a cool fuzzy guitar/bass riff and slowly builds up.

"Downfall Of The Gods" Starts with a real thrash riff and is probably the fastest track on this release,and agin I have to say that I really enjoy the way the make the mid-parts in the track which is extremely catchy with some "clean" vocals & some whispering.

The production is overall quite good and I think these guys can get far in the future.
A full-length is set to be released in early 2012.

Istårn at Reverbnation

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