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If you're into horror & gore movies & even more gore check out this webzine reviewing old and new movies!

Don Papo - Owner/editor/reviewer/web designer
La Chulo Muerte - Reviewer


Browse around for horror reviews, interviews with bands and more....
In the beginning "trash trucker" was an on-line blog reviewing trashy horror movies,
Since than it gained huge popularity for a small shitty blog.
I mean come on, who reads blogs ? who reads the shit i write here anyway?
But it's okay, it's not like you have anything better to do and that's cool...
Because we share the same thought,
we don't' have anything better to do with our free time either.
Maybe a shower....maybe next month.....
stick around enjoy trash-trucker -
short reviews for people who don't' like reading a lot, wasting time.


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