Wykked Wytch

The female fronted Wykked Wytch has just released their 5th studio album four yeras since the last album.
The production on this one is massive & they deliever what I would call melodic mix of thrash/death. The vocals sometimes reminds of death/grindcore as it varies beetween growl/screaming & sometimes clean vocals,but it actually fits the music well.
It's very technical trashy,melodic tunes they deliver on this album.
At times it reminds of Cradle of Filth & Dimmu Borgir's newer stuff not musicwise but more the way they structured the songs and the use of samples,but that beeing said these guys sure have a thing of their own.
They have also covered Metallicas "Fade To Black" ,a weird but descent cover. All in all it's a good release but for me it gets a bit boring after hearing the whole album but if you're into well played technical melodic metal with a movie soundtrack like atmosphere you should ckeck it out.

In additional WYKKED WYTCH news, the band is pleased announce a
recently revamped line lineup.


Ipek-All Vocals
Nate-Lead Guitar
Salvatore-Keys and Samples
Matt-2nd Guitar
Pat-3rd Guitar


WYKKED WYTCH has signed with Goomba Music for the release of their upcoming fifth full-length album, The Ultimate Deception. Coming back strong off 2008's Memories of a Dying Whore - the group's most successful and critically-acclaimed album - The Ultimate Deception continues where the previous album left off and continues to push the boundaries of extreme music as well as the legacy of WYKKED WYTCH.

Led by the demonic vocal assault of frontwoman Ipek, Wykked Wytch is a female-fronted extreme metal band hailing from South Florida. The band blends a unique mixture of black, death, thrash metal with melody, technicality, and aggression to create their own signature sound which has gained them a strong cult following throughout the world.

Regarding the recent signing and forthcoming release, Ipek made the following comments,

"We are very excited and proud to announce that Wykked Wytch has signed with Goomba Music for the release of our fifth full-length album The Ultimate Deception. Over the past two years we worked really hard creating a modern metal masterpiece and with Goomba behind us we will spread the word worldwide. We would also like to thank Mark & the crew at Goomba for this new partnership. It was the right choice for us and glad to know there is an experienced team of industry vets behind the label that respect the integrity of their artists. Look out for the new album The Ultimate Deception out in 2012 with lots of touring to follow!"

The Ultimate Deception marks the addition of lead guitarist / songwriter Nate Poulson to the group. Always determined to break new ground and discover new talent, frontwoman/founder Ipek has teamed with Nate, who composed nine badass tunes that add a whole new dimension and flavor to the band's constantly evolving sound. Taking a modern approach to the group's already established sound, the songs are heavy, technical, and melodic with each one standing on its own. Showcased on this release are vocalist Ipek's true abilities that drive the album.

Not afraid to take chances, Ipek doesn't hold back and has stepped out of her comfort zone; moving from death growls to high pitched screams to operatic, and clean catchy choruses in the course of a single song. The intense and insane vocals are performed by "one" woman, not three different vocalists. Also featured is one of the best drummers in metal today, Kevin Talley (Daath, Six Feet Under, Chimaira) who appears as a session musician compliments the songs with his killer double bass and blast work. The album was recorded in April/May 2011 at Lambesis Studios in San Diego, CA with amazing production from engineer Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, Winds of Plague), who recorded & mixed. Finishing touches were handled by Alan Douches (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Dahlia Murder), who mastered at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY. Cover Artwork by Marcelo Vasco (Dimmu Borgir, The Faceless). The Ultimate Deception includes 10 tracks with a running time of 47 minutes. 9 original tracks and a cover of Metallica's "Fade To Black".






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