Nominion - Manifestation Of Death

Nominom released a 7" in December 6th through DEATHGASM RECORDS,

Nominion is a Swedish death metal band witch on this 7" presents two brand new tracks.
Listening to this makes me instantly wanna hear more of this band.
It's well played death metal & even though they're swedish this dosen't sound like the typical swedish death metal bands.
It's mid-tempo & melodic death metal we get here mostly,but this one is not like "Hey look how technical we can play" But rather very good melodies & some outstanding riffs & at times a very nostalgic feeling over it. This definately worth a listen. These 2 tracks on this 7" sounds very promising to what we can expect from these guys in the future.

Their full lenght is currently available on Deathgasm Records
So be sure to check it out!!


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