Kawir - Isoteos (Greece)

Relesed on Deathrune Records 2012

Formed in '93 Kawir should be a well known name if you've been into the metal underground for a while.
And here they are with a brand new album witch is what I would call a good combo of Black/Pagan metal like they are known to deliver in their own way.
I guess you could categorize this as mid-tempo BM with strong pagan influences.
At first it starts up slowly and then builds up faster with good melodies & great vocals both screamy & clean.
But this is much more than just plain metal,they leave room for some great atmospheric parts and it does not get boring like many other albums tend to do.

Their use of flute is also a good addition to the pagan feel to this band, also some female vocals witch suits the overall production very well.
They stick to their roots and deliver a fine album here since I haven't heard the previous one "Ophiolatreia" I can't compare it but if you want a dose good melodic black metal with old school  roots this is definitely worth checking out! One of the better albums I've heard in a while and I will for sure listen more to it,cause it's a damn good album with a very epic feel  if you give it a try!

Note at the end of the month they will release a 4 way split 10" from Hammer Of Hate Rec with Greek bands Kawir,Nergal,Embrace Of Thorns & Soulskinner!

Here is a promo video : 

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