Wilt - Wilt - Debut Ep out now

Central Canadian black metal duo WILT - comprised of Jordan Dorge [Laika] and Brett Goodchild - has officially released their self-titled  EP.

Black metal has never sounded so dark and deprived.  This EP will take you on a visceral journey into your mind and into the crevices of the Earth. With influences rooting from Winterfylleth, Woods Of Ypres, Altar Of Plagues, Nachmystium and many more, they hinder their own true and unique sound to Canadian black metal.

This four track EP runs just shy of 30 minutes. Artwork comes courtesy of Sam Nelson and the logo was done by The Lord of Logos, Christophe Szpajdel. Dan Lowndes handled mastering duties.

 The EP is available as a digital download at Physical copies are coming soon.

For more updates and information visit

As if the oldest tree in the forest pulled up its roots and migrated to its afterlife, a ghostly procession of bark and withered leaves. Death and decay are legion, but there's a real sense of grace to the airy melodies they embed deep into the compositions, while never being as frivolous or cheap sounding as some of the tunes I've heard by Agalloch or Woods of Ypres (bands who possess a similar thematic approach to expression). - From the Dust Returned

Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle
Clawhammer PR  

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