Eschaton (Gre) - Unshaken 2012

Orth : 4/6 Strings, Invocations
K. Lakelos : Hammers

Label : Hass Weg Productions

I got this CD a few weeks ago,but for several reasons it didn't get into my my player before now.
This is Black Metal the traditional way a mix of fast and mid-tempo you could say with very nice guitar work that reminds of the good old stuff. And I have to say I'm glad they have chosen to reduce the tempo for better melodies.
The songs on this album are pretty long,not one under 5 minutes,but it doesn't get boring I don't know if it's because of the nostalgic feeling I get.
It's not overproduced metal ,rather good old black metal played like it used to be.
I have to say I like this release that have a lot of rock 'n roll influences musically as well as a very dynamic feel to the music.
They manage to build a nice atmosphere with this album,that's for sure.
You should check this out if you want something out of the ordinary releases ,cause this one tends to grow each time I listen to it and at times it's very melodic and they've done it in a good way!
And I think these guys have the potential to do it even better in the future.
The release comes with a neat cover & lyrics witch is nice.
I would recommend this to fans of Black Metal and you might be in for a nice surprise!
This release is limited to 1000x with an 8 page booklet so if you want a copy of this order here : Pagan Records
Or check out their Facebook page.

Check the track "Lightless Skies" here :
Tracklist :

 1.  Outside  06:43   
 2.  Lightless Skiess  05:03 
 3.  When Time Is Undone  06:40 
 4.  The First Rebbelion  07:33 
 5.  Thirsty As One Can Be  05:17   
 6.  Victa Iacet Virtus  09:16   

The members of this band also play in Primeval Mass & Ezgaroth who has released a 7" witch will be featured here later.

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