Kataplexy - Promo 2012

Genre : Extreme Metal/Death Metal

Label :


Guitar -  Mike Mayborne
Vocals -  Ken Pannaralla
Bass -     Joel Sandoval
Drums - Matt Getto

This Chicago based band was formed in 2006,they had several live shows and managed to build a name for themselves in the Chicago Metal scene,after some line up changes they are now established and ready to make your ears bleed.  

What I'm listening to here is a 3 track promo witch is filled with brutal death metal at times some grind influences can be heard,but I wouldn't put them in that genre.
These guys plays fast and technical metal with with a mix of growly & screamy vocals.
Luckily there is not much of the screamy as I prefer the the growls.

I have listened to this several times now and the tracks are good and sounds promising,cause this guys know how to handle their instruments and it's very catchy at times. Especially the twisted guitar sound and some of the riffs is pretty cool ,and in general this is an easy record to like since it has all the stuff you could ask for in this genre.

But to state the negative aspects of it,I don't remember one of the tracks after hearing it several times even though I've tried. And if you're not a fan of this genre it can be a bit too much with all the blast beating and ultra fast stuff,I prefer the slower parts.
That being said this is not bad at all,I just sit with the feeling that I've been hit by a train while listening and that I have heard similar to this before.
So the final conclusion is that if you're into brutal death metal with grind core influences it's worth checking out.

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