Unspoken (Nor) - "Requiem Aeternam Deo "2012

Label : Deathrune Records

Unspoken was formed back in 2002 with members from Varulv,Spurv and Astaroth,but wasn't active until January 2004 when the line up was complete. During these years they released two demos,and after that a self released album named "Primal Revelation" in 2006 witch gained good critics in Scream Magazine,Helvete Magazine to name a few.
Besides that they have released a split cd and been on various compilations.
They have played at festivals such as Inferno and Betong amongst others.


During 2010-12 their second album 'Requiem Aeternam Deo was' composed and recorded.
All delivered in a nicely done digipack with lyric sheet included.

The outcome is a mix of well played death metal with some BM influences.
And it's not hard to hear that band has grown since their previous releases,and it seems like they spent more time on the production witch is way better than their earlier works

At first it sounds a bit boring and I kinda hope this changes, and while the second track starts spinning and the very enjoyable opening riff starts I'm starting to get faith in this record after all.
And the way too short second track sets the standard of what's to come.

'Groovylicious dark death metal with some bm influences' is what I
would call this,they have kept the traditional death metal feel to it while adding some thrashy riffs and own ideas to it witch works well,and compared to alot of others who just blast away in a furious tempo Unspoken leaves room for more slow atmospheric guitar parts and some nice guitar work ,I can mention the tracks 'Death Of A Dynasty' and 'Oppression,Pawns And Poisonous Tongues' witch are among the highlights on this record in my opinion. 

Both tracks with a duration of over 6 mins. witch really shows what Unspoken has to offer as musicians,as all instruments comes clearly out in this track.

What I like about album is the tempo changes throughout the whole album witch makes it an album I can listen to without skipping tracks  or get bored.
I have to admit I had to listen to this one a few times before getting totally in to it,but when I did it reveals itself more each time I listen to it and there's no doubt that there's a lot work behind this and they pull off some twisted riffs and for me twisted is good if done right.

The only thing that somewhat ironically irritates me with this album is that the tracks I enjoy the most are the shortest ones and if I decided they should be longer ,but that's just a matter of taste.

This overall a good and hard hitting album,but if I had to point out something it would be that I sit with a feeling that something is missing,maybe because of the short lasting tracks mentioned earlier.
An obscure & dark album with some killer tracks that deserves to be heard,so give it a listen and judge for yourself.
As I said this is an album that needs to be heard several times as it grows for each listen.


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