Neptrecus (France) - L'Aube Du Declin

Release date 02.January 2013
Style : Black Metal

Label : Mortis Humane Productions

Neptrecus was formed in 2011 and is now out with their debut album.

I have to admit they play pretty good to only have existed for barely 2 years so I guess they have been in other bands before.
Musically I would say they play melancholic and melodic black metal with many acoustic breaks.
Can't complain about the production either.
It's quite good especially thinking about that it's their debut album.

The lyrics are in french and as far as I know they dealing with the middle ages.


Tracklist :

1. Prélude
2. L'Eternel Sablier
3. Magna Grecia
4. Sous le Signe de l'Aquila
5. Fiers Gaulois
6. 406: les Grandes Invasions
7. Au Royaume de Neustrie
8. Auld Alliance
9. L'Aube du Déclin

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