Against Magazine #3 out now!

Against Magazine issue #3 is out now featuring the Portuguese renowned masters of sonic extreme metal progression MALEVOLENCE as coverstars. They’re back 14 years after the release of the critically acclaimed “Martyrialized”, this time with “Antithetical”, a brutal album and candidate to the best of 2013 list! This month also marks the return of Leather Leone to CHASTAIN. She’s the original vocalist and one of the originators of the female Power Metal vocal style. Against Magazine caught up with guitarist David Chastain to discuss her comeback and their new album “Surrender To No One”. Against Magazine’s Jorge Alves also caught up with THE OCEAN’s Robin Staps in the Oporto city, as part of their last European tour with the current line up, to talk about all the changes and the new album. A very complete interview that you can't miss if you're a fan of the band. You can also find features on: AVATARIUM, SOLSTAFIR, ARTILLERY, EPHEL DUATH, CODE, TAD MOROSE, FALKENBACH, DAWN HEIST, DEATH TOLL RISING, VANHELGA, ADE, SINFUL, COLD CELL, FOR THE GLORY, WE ALL DIE (LAUGHING), REMAINS IN A VIEW, FATAL FUSION, SLEEPING ROMANCE and WINDS OF PLAGUE.

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