Gaia's Revenge (Nor) - Reborn

Released 2012
Format : CD
Label : Ovis Records DA

Gaia's Revenge is a band hailing from Ski,Norway they joined forces in 2006 formerly known as Audio Experiment.
They have now released their debut album 'Reborn' witch sounds very promising already at first listen.

They play hard & agressive metal but at the same time they leave room for melodies.
And I have to say that it's a very enjoyable album,at first I was kinda surprised as I've never heard of this band and all of a sudden I sit with their debut album and wondering why the fuck I haven't heard these guys before.

While listening I have to admire their at times epic compositions and how they mix the more brutal parts with more calmed down parts and tracks.
I love the guitarwork on this album & the vocals are also remarkable varying beetween 'agressive' and 'clean' ,in fact the whole band gets credits from me,since they manage to do an outstanding job with their music and the athmosphere they create. 

I don't want to compare this to any other band really,as I think they stand very well on their own feet.
This is an album I can easily play through entirely and I'm not bored once.
Actually you get the best experience out of this if you start listening from the beginning to the end.
They have for sure managed to do an excellent album here and I can't find any weak parts on this album even though I try.

I have to agree with PYRO and their statement that this is one of the most promising Norwegian bands,cause they sure as hell put out one brilliant debut.
With such a good start as this I don't even wanna think about what's next, I'd rather just lean back and enjoy this masterpice right here and now and so should you!


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