Manifestor (Swe) Old Monster Demo 2012

Tracks :

1.Black Sabbath
2. Old Monster

I recived this promo along time ago,but for some reason didn't write about it until now.
This Swedish band has been rockin' basements and other moist places since 2008.
The creative masterminds behind this has played under various banners since their teenage year in the 90's.

Old Moster is their second demo released on pro printed tape on 100ex. during the summer of 2012.
This is thrash with the ugly stench of death with fast & furious riffs and aggresive vocals.
It's a cool demo no doubt,and it's not hard to hear where they have taken inspiration from,if you know bands like Grotesque,Aura Noir,Pestilence & Infernal Majesty you probably know what this demo is all about.
It contains 3 tracks of fast & aggresive thrash the ugly way and a bit chaotic (not in a bad way) 

Does it work as a piece of music?
Well ,to be honest it's nothing bad about this tape at all,but after several listens I still can't remember any tracks afterwards.
It all goes in a superfast tempo,maybe too fast at times.and it kinda sounds like they forgot that it's a good idea to maybe have some breaks & hooks in between 'cause this demo is over before it starts it feels.

Some will probably worship this,but I feel something is missing,not originality,'cause I'm pretty sure this band is not about that,but better melodies maybe?
So the overall conclusion is that it's not,bad,but I dosen't give me anything as a listener either.
There are many bands playing this old schoolish metal these days,but if you go for that style you better deliver and I don't think these guys deliver this time and it becoms boring at times.


Band Contact :

Manifestor on Myspace

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