Bloodaxe (Can) - For Those Who Hunt The Wounded Down

Nothern Force Records
Released 16.01.2013

Even though this is labeled as raw viking metal I have to say that they impress me with some original aspects on this release, and for me it sounds they have taken some inspiration from early Bathory at least at times when they do the chaotic riffs which  reminds me of 'The Return…' era.
So,prepare yourself for a cold & dark journey into the realm of Bloodaxe...

This is obviously more BM sounding than most viking bands today!
That being said this is far from a Bathory clone,actually I would say they got their own original thing going on here it's hard to describe but the closest I get is chaotic sounding riffs combined with good melodies.

'For Those Who Hunt The Wounded Down' is based a lot upon guitars and guitar riffs (of course) ,but this is done in another way than many other bands do and the first impression might be noisy if you're only familiar with 'modern' well produced and polished albums,but I'd advice you to give this a try
I'm pretty sure they have done it that way on purpose,and it works very well to be honest.

The vocals is raw & harsh combined with spoken vocals in between
The sound is more necro than on 'Raping The Ancient' which is the only album Iv'e heard by Bloodaxe except this one,but at the same time listenable,at times the vocals and guitars is too sharp,but luckily I only notice it a few times during the album.

Overall a good & original album as they manage to create nicely structured chaos alongside good melodies without loosing it totally!
If your familiar with this band you'll probably like this one and if you're completely new to the band it wouldn't be a bad idea to check out what this band is up to!

Tracks to mention : Tears Of The Elder,Seidr (Black Witch)

Bloodaxe is : Nordavinden - Guitars,Vokills,Bass
                           Tanner - Dead Skins

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