Mutilanova (France) Nera Lux 2013 Review

Origin : France

Release date : 5th January 2013


Mutilanova is a / band formed in Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France in 2002. The current lineup consists of M.Svärhandis (keyboard), C.Avskrius - (lead guitar), S. Mørkhød - (drums), Dypentord - (bass) and Karnesis - (vocals). Past/former members were Bjellothorn - (bass, Yldumigus (guitars), Voldr - (guitars) and Sylvain - (rhythm guitar).
It's the first time I listen to this band and have no knowledge of their debut album.
At first listen it's obvious that these guys have put alot of effort into the term 'symphonic' black metal as they don't hold back on the use of various synths,maybe a bit too much at times for my taste.
The album is very well produced & played and again very melodic.
I have nothing against the use of synths and effects used in black metal but as said this is a bit 'over the top' for my personal taste,but their fans and people into Old Mans Child,Dimmu Borgir,Kovenant etc,etc will probably love this.
It's not a bad album ,I just think it lacks originality & personality as this has been done so many times and for me becomes very predictable and boring in the long run.
When the synth seems to be the lead instrument more or less on the entire album except for the typical Nighwish solo's one should certainly not call it black metal...
It sounds like the musicians are rushing through the entire album as a 'routine' and thus lacks soul and identity,not that I expect something mindblowing everytime I put on a new album,but this seriously becomes boring before I'm even done listening to it ,and right now I just sit and hope for the album to be finish so I can go on with my life.
Not Recommended!

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