FUNERAL CIRCLE Release Self-titled Album on Shadow Kingdom Records

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Canadian Epic Doomsters FUNERAL CIRCLE have released their self-titled debut on Shadow Kingdom Records. Hailing from the icy mountains of Canada, FUNERAL CIRCLE is one of the most promising young bands to enter the realms of doom metal in recent memory. Selections from the album are playing at this location.

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"Heavy. Eerie. Epic. Melodic." - Temple of Perdition

"These are a collection of tracks destined to be played in huge halls. This wall of noise is massive, which leads me to the following question: Why hasn't everyone heard of Funeral Circle already? This is unacceptable. You need to know." -
Adrian M. - Vocals
M "Pilgrim" B. - Guitars
M.K. - Bass
S. M. - Guitars
P. F. - Drums

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