PIGS BLOOD S/T ~ Review Winter 2017

First of all PIGS BLOOD is not a friendly band who like peoples presence, they are rather pretty misantrophic, antihuman and Blasphemy all the way. I know cause the lyrics are printed, did you think I guessed? ..
This is pile rotten Death metal to the core with NO compromises, only Sadistik growls and evil Dark chanting. It’s Dark,brutal and chaotic like growls brutal Death metal should be , but is that enough really?
When you don’t notice that the tracks go from one to the second there is something wrong, something repitive maybe?..

PIGS BLOOD know how to handle their instruments but sometimes struggle to keep me entertained , it’s very monotone and predictable and nothing really blow me away, the right way.
All in all this gets way to boring for me. The vocalist sounds like he mumbles and the riffs are so 89’ish Death metal, not that it’s nessecarily a bad thing , but make some fucking good memorable melodies to bang our heads to.

I see in the cover that one band member is named ‘Drugpervert-Deathhammer’ in my opinion a drugpervert should be so overdrugged that true madness flows through him, this druglord should maybe come to Norway or some other country they serve good drugs ‘cause I can imagine this sounded good after 2 weeks awake on poor mans meth, everything sounds good then. Hell no, this make me lose my drugflow so I better skip this before I get a bad trip for christmas. Not reccomended unless you are a snufselord with bad crack in your brain. Sorry guys, put some Soul into what you do. Nobody cares how twisted your brains are. Over and OUT!

Gravarson-‘_almighty left the building cause the music made the right knee hurt,

Yeah it’s true

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