Frail Grounds Set To Release Debut Album ‘The Fields Of Trauma’ worldwide

Norwegian progressive metal quintet Frail Grounds recently signed a deal with UK based indie label Hostile Media to see the release of the bands debut album ‘The Fields Of Trauma’. Mixed by Øyvind Larsen (Lionheart Studios) and mastered by acclaimed producer Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios) ‘The Fields Of Trauma’ was originally self-released by the band in 2012. This release sees the record getting proper distribution for the first time.

Frail Grounds formed late 2005 with a musical vision to create interesting and flowing soundscapes, merging elements from different genres ranging from traditional heavy, progressive and extreme metal, yet always maintaining a melodic baseline. The band released their debut record, an EP titled ‘Corrosion’ which led to many in the media earmarking the band as one to watch. Most of 2010 was spent in the studio as the band began work on their concept debut album ‘The Fields Of Trauma’. The story follows an expedition deep into Siberia, questioning how far a person might go under extreme circumstances in order to achieve a sense of resolution.

Vocalist Morten Andre comments, "We are very excited to be presenting "The Fields of Trauma" to the UK metalheads and beyond.” “The album took a long time to finish, but listening to it now we are confident it was worth the effort and time. There are so many details in between the musical layers; hopefully you will hear something new every time you listen to it. This musical endeavour is wrapped up by a faustian inspired conceptual horror story, which fits well with the musical theme. Enjoy!" "First time listeners, expect a chilling musical journey leading you through acoustic melancholic moments and into more brutal epics! Throughout this trip you will be treated with lots of melodies, guitar solos, heavy riffing and complexity leading up to the grand finale, the emberstorm!" 

You can read the review I did for when it was first released in Norway 2012 here : 


                                       1. Prologue: Arrival 
                                       2. The Expedition 
                                       3. Freeze Me 
                                       4. A Rural Trauma 
                                       5. The Sinister Road
                                       6. Triptych 
                                       7. Origin 
                                       8. Deathlines 
                                       9. Siberian Nights 
                                      10. Emberstorm 
                                      11. Epilogue: 

Completion ‘The Fields Of Trauma’ will be released on 3rd March 2014.

OTARGOS Posts Teaser for "Fleshless-Deathless" Video

French black death metal mongers OTARGOS have revealed a teaser video for their song "Fleshless Deathless," from the band's most recent album, Apex Terror. Check out the clip at this location
Apex Terror displays a fresher, stripped down and more intense style of songwriting that draws from the catchier end of death metal and obscure thrash.  Lyrically, the album is an exploration of the darker side of humanity. Apex Terror is out now in North America. 


21/02 - LONDON@The Black Heart
22/02 - HUDDERSFIELD@The Parish
23/02 - GLASGOW @Audio Glasgow
24/02 - BRISTOL @The Exchange

18/04: Rouen TBA
19/04  : Paris (La Flèche d'Or)
 20/04 : Dijon (Deep Inside)
21/04: Grenoble (l' Amperage)
22/04  : Nice (Alterax)
23/04 : Toulon (Morts Subits)
24/04 : Montpellier tba
25/04 : Nantes (Scène Michelet)
26/04 : Bordeaux (bootleg)

WINTERHYMN Confirmed for Warriors Of Metal Fest VII Pre-fest Showcase

January 29, 2014  Cincinnati, Ohio -- The Warriors of Metal, Inc. non-profit organization is proud to announce that folk metal band WINTERHYMN has been confirmed to play Pre-Fest Showcase scheduled for the eve of this year's Warriors Of Metal Fest VII.

Band vocalist and guitarist Draug states: "I am writing from the frost-clad, windswept mountains and untamed forests of Cincinnati, Ohio to inform our legions that we will have the honor of performing at the Pre-Fest Showcase of the Warriors of Metal Festival VII!  Myself and the rest of WINTERHYMN are overjoyed to announce this and to join such a prestigious event! We will be fresh off the road from Paganfest America V where we will be touring North America with Korpiklaani, Turisas, Chthonic, and Varg, and will be looking to revisit the classic blood-soaked, booze-drenched, battle-hardened Columbus Metal hospitality that we have grown to love! We are sounding the call for all of our fellow Ohioans to meet us in Columbus, Ohio on June 26-28 and bring an early winter's chill to the summer!"

The official video for "Stand Your Ground," off of WINTERHYMN's 2011 release, Songs for the Slain is now playing at this location.

For more on WINTERHYMN, visit

Bands confirmed for Pre-Fest Showcase on Thursday, June 26 at O'Sheckeys Live Bar & Grill include:  ETERNAL LEGACY (headliner) AUTOMATON, DEADIRON, LOWER 13, DETHRATS, , GRAVE ROBBER,  SPLIT THE ABYSS and WINTERHYMN.

Warriors Of Metal Fest VII confirmed bands thus far for the main Fest on Friday, June 27 & Saturday June 28 include: ARMORY, BEYOND FALLEN, BURNING SHADOWS, CELLADOR, CRUSADER, FLESH ENGINE, MITHRIDIUM, RESTLESS BREED, and SHALLOW GROUND.
Keep up-to-date with all of the developments such as band announcements and ticket information for next year's show through the Warrior's of Metal Fest's Facebook page:

LVCIFYRE: "Svn Eater" Out Now on Dark Descent Records

Svn Eater, the new long player  from London blackened death metal outfit LVCIFYRE, is now available worldwide through Dark Descent Records. The follow-up to 2011's The Calling Depths has been met with enthusiastic praise from reviewers, with CvltNation calling the album "a forceful battering ram of death metal." 

Svn Eater
is available on CD, red vinyl and black vinyl. Two different t-shirt designs are also being offered to commemorate the album's release. To order, visit  

The album is also available as a digital download at

Artwork for Svn Eater comes courtesy of Timo Ketola ( Svn Eater was recorded and mixed at Blackout Multimedia Studio in Belgium.

"With their 2nd full-length album, Svn Eater, England's Lvcifyre have sent a blistering statement in the form of 9 crushing death anthems, convoluted by a minor black metal atmosphere sonically and augmented further by a pure darkness and endlessly tormented intensity that laps at the heavens with vengeful flames." - Worm Gear 'Zine

"This might be the darkest, most oppressive piece of Death Metal barbarity to be unleashed upon this world in 2014!" - Voices from the Darkside

"Svn Eater is tar-thick and twisting, but never indulgent of complexity for its own sake. You might be tempted to slot Lvcifyre into a grander narrative, but if you can, give them space, let them breathe their own air. Synthesis can wait when there's unmediated destruction to be had." - Invisible Oranges 

LVCIFYRE is a flesh of Liberation in Honour of the Ancient...
T.Kaos - guitars/vocals
Menthor - drums and percussion
A. Dictator - guitar
Cultus - bass

LIE IN RUINS: Towards Divine Death Streaming In Full at has posted an exclusive preview of Towards Divine Death, the newest burnt offering from Finnish death legion LIE IN RUINS. With a worldwide release date set for February 4 on Dark Descent Records, this demonstration of relentless and bludgeoning death metal can now be heard in its entirety at this location.

Toward Divine Death the anticipated follow-up to 2009's Swallowed by the Void - released on Spinefarm Records. Finland's Lie in Ruins make no missteps in delivering a 70-minute opus of pure death metal. Spanning 10 tracks, Towards Divine Death, displays a much more mature band and vision. While you will hear typical LIE IN RUINS moments on this album, make no mistake, this is a nastier and grittier album that will leave you hoping the band doesn't go five more years before assaulting us with another album. Hail supreme Finnish death! Hail the divine death!
Pre-orders are being taken now at

LIE IN RUINS is currently available for interviews. Contact for inquiries.

"This album is amazing, to be honest I don't know why you'd be reading this and not just listening to it. No doubt, an amazing start to the New Year."[9/10] - 
"If some albums are happy to step up and beat you in a fist fight, Towards Divine Death would be the equivalent of being smothered in a full-on carpet-bombing, such is the unrelenting assault of the nine songs contained on this platter." - The Lair of Filth

Roni S. - Vocals
Tuomas K. - Guitars
Roni Ä. - Guitars
Jussi V. - Bass
Aki K. - Drums


D:REI, the newest opus from German extraterrestrial heavy rockers BLACK SPACE RIDERS, is now available through the band's own BSR label. The band's third, and most critically-acclaimed album, D:REI is available on digipak-CD, double vinyl and digital formats. Preview and purchase the album at
The recently released video for the song "Give Gravitation to the People" is now playing at this location.  

On the new opus BLACK SPACE RIDERS are even more colorful, louder, softer, harder, atmospheric, gripping, and above all exalted! D:REI is an exciting journey through rock, metal and psychedelia; the soundtrack to your very own sci-fi epic. The riffs are heavy, inspiring and enduring. The songwriting is classic, the arrangements full of devotion. The two lead vocalists play off each other without seam, interlocking and assuring that the music will lodge in your memory. D:REI is groovy! Sometimes slowly dooming, sometimes oppressively rocking, then irresistibly funky...and suddenly you are dancing around the warp core. And it is all wrapped up in a sound that is natural, transparent, open, yet powerful, and elegant, as it timelessly circumnavigates the retro-trap

Is D:REI a concept album? Form your own opinion! Read more about this story of retreat, outbreak, total destruction, escape, transformation and new beginnings at


    Metal Hammer [5/7] - "Monstrous intergalactic Reef semi truck hit atmospheric soundscapes, the pace varies from steaming hyperdrive to the weightless throttling"

Rock Hard - [8/10] "...a record that sets the mental cinema in transition, but do not affect over-ambitious and, with the most original, what the local scene has published lately." 

EMP - "... Black Space Riders present in" D: rei "so powerful and atmospheric as ever. In top form the quintet provides a philosophically flavored, this wonderfully heavy outgoing concept album from ... Very cool!"

LIFT - "Warning: This music leads to expansions of consciousness ... The doomy heaviness of Black Sabbath covers rocking riffs and swirling structures to all, there is mantra-like vocals for the next trance."

Nocturnal - "... the guys are unique. A really good album with unusual sounds."

Music Scan - "The 13-track comprehensive rock epic captivates"

Progressive X Grooves Radio - [8/10] "Strongly recommended listening" 

Mwiemetalblog - [8/10] "Take the effort and enjoy the trip" 

The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine - "Highly Recommended"

JE: Lead vocals, guitars, melodies, riffs, words
SEB: Lead vocals, melodies, words
CRIP: Drums, vocals, additional songwriting
SLI: Guitars, additional songwriting
SAQ: Bass guitar, additional songwriting

MORFIN Debut New Song with Decibel Magazine

US death quartet MORFIN has invaded Decibel Magazine's cyberspace for the exclusive world premiere of
"Cryostasis," off their upcoming debut Inoculation. Coming next month on FDA Rekotz, the band proudly offers a blood-soaked bite of the carnage to come. Check out "Cryostasis" at this location.

From the depths of Californian crypts, FDA Rekotz presents bone-breaking death metal act MORFIN and their debut album, Inoculation. Comprised of 10 classically-inspired death metal hymns - including a surprise cover tune - Inoculation crushes faces in the vein of early Death, Gorguts and Skeletal Remains. The album was recorded at Executer Studio in Pico Rivera, Calif., (Skeletal Remains), with artwork by Badic Art (Skeletal Remains, Goregast, Demonical, Dehuman Reign).

Inoculation is set for a February 21 release on CD, vinyl and digital formats. The vinyl LP will be offered on red/black marbled (100 copies only) or standard black vinyl. Pre-orders are being taken now at

Rising from the influences of heavy metal, MORFIN is a metal band, delineating the negativity present in the world, in life, and the future that is caused by the evil, veracity, domination and deception that drives the human race. Delivering the message with their music to prepare for what lies ahead.....

Morfín is:
Jesus Romero: Guitar/Vocals
Miguel Hernandez: Drums
Michael Gonzalez: Bass
Pedro Gonzalez: Guitar

EXHUMATION: Hymn to your God Out on Dunkelheit Produktionen

Indonesian death horde has given worldwide release to their full-length debut, Hymn to your God, through Dunkleheit Produktionen.

Album track "The Apotheosis" is streaming at this location.
Death metal maniacs are tired of bands who fake it. Some bands offer nothing but merciless rage with little to no substance behind the ire, while others attempt to pass off an unfinished and contrived style or concept. Some bands try to be progressive, while others show off a fake old-school-attitude. EXHUMATION, a young, talented and dedicated group of warriors from Indonesia, commits none of these atrocities. This is a band that delivers a rolling and balanced brand of death metal with the right amounts of melody, anger, concept and great riffing. EXHUMATION strives for independence from their influences and, most importantly, identity.

Their music presents an irresistible honesty, is thoroughly powerful yet always sticks to its own roots by citing the Asian origin. Death metal gourmets will be satisfied and fans of the likes of VADER, HATE or MORBID ANGEL will lick their fingers. This album comes with an excellent cover of "Ritual," from Canada's Ross Bay Cult legends BLASPHEMY!


1. All Seeing Eye 
2. The Apotheosis 
3. Parasites and Enemies
4. Omnipotent 
5. Dominion 
6. Hymn to your God 
7. Ritual (Blasphemy cover) 
EXHUMATION hails from Yogyakarta, Indonesia and formed in 2008. Heavily influenced by the darkest depth of epic Death Metal hordes, such early Morbid Angel, which were so flawlessly different from the Swedish-styled Death Metal so many others aped. Gaps, Gre and Unan created this band as the founding fathers, with Punto joining in 2010. With his addition, the band had found a vocalist demonic enough to fit the bill. The band developed over time, despite the lack of a stable drummer, until 2011 when Agung joined and completed the horde. Their legion assembled, EXHUMATION was finally able to make their first ritual, a three-way split with allies Nocturnal Kudeta and Goddess of Fate. Shortly afterward, work began on their full-length debut, Hymn to your God.

DOOR INTO EMPTINESS "Radio Ja" is out now on Possession productions!


We all owe DOOR INTO EMPTINESS much, really.

They create amazing music. Dark, unusual, unique. They create music that becomes a part of you. No, this music already exists in you. Music of D.I.E. just lets you know about it. We will not describe that album. It's too complicate to say something about it. Just listen to it.

Dive into insane official video for "Somnabula" song.

"Radio Ja" released as CD with 20-pages booklet.

The price is 12 USD + postages.

Please make your orders through right now! 
More details at:
Official site:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:
Official Vkontakte:
Official Bandcamp:

P.O.BOX 33, 212001, Magiljou-1, BELARUS

Finnish Symphonic Extreme Metal band KARA DARAHU release first official video trailer "The Anguish of the Black"

Finnish Symphonic Extreme Metal band KARA DARAHU release first official video trailer "The Anguish of the Black"
Monumental Symphonic Extreme Metal band KARA DARAHU (Finland) have released their first official video trailer featuring the track "The Anguish of the Black". The video was filmed and produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is directed by Victoria Pelejero. Camila Rodriguez, the 12 years old actress who is having nightmares in the video,  is best known as a Phantom Girl in the awarded short film "La Chica Más Rara Del Mundo - The Weirdest Girl In The World". 

Victoria Pelejero (Director) comments about the filming:
"It all started as lets make a 1 minute promo video for the upcoming album but then, instead of some motion graphics about the logo, we came up with the idea of filming this little simple story which works more like a trailer, combining some clichès of 80s movies (catholic girl, bloody toys, shadows and nightmares). What we didnt know is that a nightmare it would be.
"Don´t put fake blood on Jesus!" mama used to say, and damn she was right.
From the second we throw blood on the cross the problems started. Lights went off twice during filming, a light was burnt then, strange noises all around, and 3 computer disks burnt while editing (One in the name of the father, other in the name of the son, and the last for the holy spirit). We all had nightmares in the process... those really obvious Freddy-like nightmares... that we were ashamed to tell. At the end, it was like "thank god this Finn crazyness is over" and yet... we would do it again, just for the love of blood"

Kara Darahu composer Samuli adds:
"We are happy and excited about everything what's going on at the moment. As a Finnish band our first video was filmed and produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Huge thanks for Victoria Pelejero, and everyone who was involved in this and made the film possible."

"The Anguish of the Black" will appear on KARA DARAHU's debut album "From The Depths Of Neverwell" which is set to be released in 2014.

The video trailer can be viewed here:
Kara Darahu - Official The Anguish Of The Black (From The Depths Of Neverwell) 
On June 28th, 2013 KARA DARAHU released the single "Aether Inhaled Deformities" which can be purchased at the following link:

Make sure to "like" the official KARA DARAHU facebook page to keep up to date with the band and their progress on the new album:  
Samuli Tuomas Mäkelä -All Music
Tuomas Kuusinen - Vocals 

**What is Kara Darahu**

a fear of mind escaping from you
that distant light is dead
a dragging sensation holds breath
the pressing of the black
owns many names yet only one true face"

Working currently on debut album!

Digital single "Aether Inhaled Deformities" 2013

Birth A.D. Announces Vinyl Edition of I Blame You Release Official Video for "Burn L.A."

Texan thrashers Birth A.D. Have announced the vinyl edition of their acclaimed debut, I Blame You, which will be a joint release between Unspeakable Axe Records and Canadian imprint War On Music Records.

This version will feature Cliff Robinson's artwork in glorious full-scale, along with an exclusive layout and insert created by Parisian graphic designer Valnoir Metastazis. The expected release date is February 11, but it is also available for pre-order. 300 copies are available, including 100 on colored vinyl.

The official video for the song "Burn L.A.," is now available on the Birth A.D. Youtube page. Check it out at this location.  

I Blame You can be purchased through: (official band store) (North America) (Canada and Europe)

Top 15 of 2013 - 

"Eighteen tracks of sheer attitude and pissed off mentality have never sounded so good from my speakers."[8.5/10] -

"If you seek out a band that clearly carries on the Tradition and mettle might of D.R.I., SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, SICK OF IT ALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, S.O.D., and their ilk, then look for this spawn of the youth brigade to leave their indelible mark: a damn nasty adrenaline overdose - a true sign of bad religion - even after birth and before death."
[8/10] -

"I Blame You is a superb debut that will put Birth A.D. right in the crosshairs of metalheads starving for a group that simply doesn't care who they piss off with the opinions they bring into the music."[9.5/10] -

In the fearsome tradition of crossover thrash forged by acts like D.R.I., S.O.D., C.O.C, and a lot of other bands with three-letter acronyms comes BIRTH A.D! The band formed in 2008 and their first offering was the self-produced EP, "Stillbirth of a Nation". Their sound relives all the best moments of 80s hardcore and thrash with a up-to-date take on America and society circa today. It's angry, it's fast, it's catchy as hell, and it's guaranteed to cause total chaos wherever it goes! Fuck your party metal, we're here for war!

Dark Descent -

GRAVE ROBBER Confirmed for Warriors Of Metal Fest VII Pre-Fest Showcase

January 24, 2014  Cincinnati, Ohio -- The Warriors of Metal, Inc. non-profit organization is very excited to announce that Fort Wayne, Indiana's premier Horror Punk band GRAVE ROBBER has gladly accepted the unenviable challenge of being the "show closer" and final performer for the Pre-Fest Showcase of the Warriors Of Metal Fest VII, which will take place at O'Shecky's LIVE Bar & Grill on Thursday, June 26 in Columbus, Ohio.

Vocalist Wretched states:  "We are honored and excited to have been invited by Datis to play the Warriors Of Metal Pre-fest and our second time on the O'Shecky's stage. As a theatrical horror punk band, we have always had utmost respect for all things metal and have always included touches of metal in our artistic vision of horror. In fact, similar to The Misfits, we have found that quite a large percentage of our fanbase are straight up metalheads who hate punk, but somehow find common ground with Grave Robber and love what we do. We are greatly looking forward to playing way too loud, way too fast, way too aggressive and making some friends and comrades in aggressive musical endeavors. Thank you again, Datis from the bottom of our reanimated, undead hearts. Be afraid, be very afraid!" 

Believe the hype with the official music video for GRAVE ROBBER's "Altered States," now playing at this location.

Keep up-to-date with all of the developments such as band announcements and ticket information for next year's show through the Warrior's of Metal Fest's Facebook page: