DESERTED FEAR Post Live Footage of "Nocturnal Frags"

Germany's most vile and rancid death metallers, DESERTED FEAR, have released the official music video for "Nocturnal Frags," taken from their 2012 release, My Empire. The video was shot during the 2013 festival circuit and includes live footage from Party San, Summer Breeze, Extremefest and Nuckstock Open Air. "Nocturnal Frags" is now playing at this location.

Influenced by the Death Metal spirit of the early 90s,
DESERTED FEAR takes murderous command on this brutal and catchy mix of classic American and Scandinavian Death Metal on My Empire. Mixed and mastered by DAN SWANÖ at Unisound Studio, this album is a mandatory purchase for fans of IMMOLATION, early MORBID ANGEL, and DISMEMBER. Get some!

My Empire was released in September 2012 by FDA Rekotz on CD and digital formats. Vinyl treatment came in March of this year. The album is available at

"Advice for all new listeners, if you are distracted right now by the tits of your classmate, this album may decapitate all of you since the fucking first track."
- Zombie Ritual Fanzine
"Fans of modern Asphyx, Hail of Bullets, or Fleshcrawl, or The IVth Crusade should be first in line for this record, because it maintains that same marriage of blustering studio clarity and ceaseless, pulverizing aggression that those bands honor; but it will also hold a lot of appeal for those into Swedish veterans Dismember, Grave and Unleashed."
- From the Dust Returned
" album that does what you want it to, with pummelling drum work, biting gritty guitar riffing and solos, earth shaking bass lines and vocals that will make deathcore bands scurry away like frightened vermin."

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