DOOM'S DAY The Devil's eyes

Genre : Classic Occult Heavy Metal
This is an album I have been looking forward to since I recived their first album 'The Unholy' which recieved a warm welcome and a good review here a couple of years ago.

The first thing I notice is the incredibly good production which really does justice to the music, and musically they have progressed alot since 'The Unholy'

It's still Doomsday though and that means powerful and epic music heavily inspired by Mercyful Fate and Ghost.
That being said these Canadian guys clearly stand on their own and are much more agressive and have more majestic arangements.

It's not often I use the word beautiful, but in this case I have to use it 'cause it's truly a masterpiece of it's genre !
'The Devil's Eyes' is a very solid album from start to end and there is no deadlights throughout the album.

'This is truly an album you want in your collection'

Metal fans can stream THE DEVIL'S EYES here:

Pre-orders Will ship before February 25 2014. Available in stores in March 2014.

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