Finnish Old School Death Metal outfit SHRAPNEL STORM release official video for "Detra

Finnish Old School Death Metal outfit SHRAPNEL STORM have released an official video for the track "Detracked" which comes from their most recent release the "We come in peace..." Promo. The video was shot in an old industrial hall in Nokia, Finland and produced & edited by their bassist Petri Saarenmaa. The video can be seen at the following link:
Shrapnel Storm - Detracked

 SHRAPNEL STORM are heading out on a small tour in Finland, here are the dates at this time:
7.2. Tampere, Finland
21.2. Helsinki, Finland
13.3. Vantaa, Finland
19.4. Hyvinkaa, Finland
 "We come in peace..." Promo was released on November 18th. This promo was recorded at Shrapnel Studios in Finland and contains two tracks from their upcoming as of yet untitled debut full length album which the band will begin recording in April of 2014. SHRAPNEL STORM are currently in talks with a couple of labels for this release. Make sure to "like" their facebook page to keep up to date with the band and the tour: 
 A Promotional Video for the track 'Deathroller' can be found here: 

Ville Yrjola - VocaAki Laaksola - Guitar
Janne Makitalo - Guitar
Petri Saarenmaa - Bass
Mikko Oava - Drums
Shrapnel Storm, "The Old School Death Mal Bulldozer", was founded in 2007 in Tampere, Finland. By this day, the quintet have recorded three demos and have had dozens of gigs. After some lineup changes in 2011, this six year old youngster is standing bravely on its own feet. Now stronger than ever. The biggest musical influences for Shrapnel Storm is 90´s mid-tempo death metal acts. The music gives respect for the influences mentioned, but on the other hand shows a middle finger for today´s computerized perfectionism in the music business. Brutality, Respect for traditions and Groove are three key elements which can be found in every Shrapnel Storm song. The lyrics are commonly dealing with war and fighting. Next target for the band is to start recording a full length album. The project is estimated to start in April 2014. As the band's status is yet unsigned, Shrapnel Storm is looking for a record label to give a helping hand in recording, promotion and marketing related issues. As a sneak peek from the upcoming album, the band has released a promotional record this November. 'We Come in Peace..." was recorded at Shrapnel studios in Finland and it contains two songs from the upcoming album. The songs chosen are the best ones to describe the current sound of the band. "Detracked" could be used as a soundtrack when entering a tank battle, and "Deathroller" is representing the groovy and versatile side of the band.


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