Megiddon - Of Decay EP (Review)

Released through No Sleep Till Megiddo Records 5th September 2013

Megiddon is a norwegian black metal band formed in 2007 influenced by several types of metal and punk and have released three demos before they released the ep 'Ov Decay' late 2013.

This ep is my first experience with Megiddon but as soon as the music enter my speakers notice rather quickly that this is black metal, but is it worth listening to really?
I mean the last years I've got the impression that black metal bands are formed almost every day without any meaning and soul whatsoever behind it, and it's truly annoying to see one of the genres that once were so powerfull and unique now has turned into shit and exploited and abused by people who thinks it's cool to play this genre or people only doing it for money.

As said I have not heard their previous works ,but the 4 tracks presented here over about 30 minutes is what I would call true norwegian black metal in it's purest form when it really starts building up.
It's cold,raw,harsh and grim necro sounding, and they surely capture the essence of what I define as pure black metal.
Their music is relatively fast but fades into a slower cold melancholic void which takes me back to the 'golden era' when there was a reason musically why bands where labeled as norwegian black metal and this band manage to give me that feeling at times.

The more you listen to it the more it reveals itself and open up for a dark primitive journey with vocals as ugly as the music and be ready for some weird but excellent small elements while listening.

Megiddon is a band worth following if you ask me, with such a great release who knows what's next? They surely have the potential and skills so I have to admit I'm truly excited after hearing this 'cause this is a band we hopefully will hear more from .
Support the true underground bands, buy this release, turn the volume up and enjoy! 
'Dette er ekte norsk reinspikka nekro svartmetall med 'fandenivoldske' tendenser av den primitive sorten som alle og envher bør ha i samlingen' 

Tracklist :  Svartir Daudir, King Ov Decay, Beyond, Frosne Sjeler,

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