SLAUGTERDAY Posts Video for "Morbid Shroud of Sickness"

German Death Metal brutes SLAUGHTERDAY have officially released their debut album, Nightmare Vortex, on FDA Rekotz.The full-length successor to the limited-edition cassette demo, Cosmic Horror, Nightmare Vortex showcases SLAUGHTERDAY's insane brand of cosmic Death Metal that falls somewhere between AUTOPSY's Mental Funeral and HYPOCRISY's Penetralia. Featuring stunning guitar melodies, fat bass lines, hellish vocals and annihilating drums, the movements from speeding ferocity to crawling crush are the stuff of traumatic audio terror. Do not miss this masterpiece of classic Death Metal. Album artwork courtesy of Mark Cooper.   

A recently released music video for the song "Morbid Shroud of Silence" is now playing at this location.    
Nightmare Vortex  is available on CD, LP, and digital formats.  For ordering info, visit


"Germany's Slaughterday have the gumption (and instinct) to take T. Gabriel Fischer's get-up-and-say-Hey! vox, back it with tested-and-true Oakland CA death/doom found in the collection of every serial killer, and inject the mishmash with a Swedish melodic sensibility cultivated from the early '90s to present." - Worm Gear 'Zine

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