The End - 'You Made The Rain Disappear... ' demo (Review)

The End is one-man experimental post-black metal band, mostly influenced by darkness, depression, suicidal thoughts, extream sadness and melancholy. 

While listening through abunch of promos I found this 4 track demo to be pretty interesting.        
I'm not really sure how to categorize the music, but somewhere between ambient,industrial combined with metal.

They have done a few split albums and the demo album You Made the Rain Disappear released in mid 2013 on American label Hammerkrieg Production and also sheduled to be re-released on Indian label Transcending Obscurity.

One thing is for sure it's quite out of the ordinary so either you love it or hate it.
Mainly it's slowly drifting music with calm piano and guitar parts and spoken french female who speaks.
On one of the tracks there is also some spoken male male vocals and even a screamy harsh vocals enter into the sound. 
After the calm parts it builds up with the typical fast & mid-tempo drums and distorted guitars and a some very cool synth sounds in the background.

I'm not sure wheter I like the faster metal parts in between.. It's like you're on a rollercoaster while listening.
It starts fo very calm then suddenly the faster parts enters which then again fades into ambient again.   
All in all this lends much more toward trancendental ambient than metal.

I have to admit that this grows on me each time I listen and if you're going to listen to this I suggest you use headphones or play it very loud preferably alone or with someone who knows when to shut up as that will give you the best experience!
It's a very good idea behind this and I think there are endless possibilities of how this band can progress in the future.

But we like out of the ordinary experiences don't we?

Tracklist : 

Lost Memories, 
Shallow Hearts, Empty Streets (feat.Tenebra)
Expectations (feat. Isabelel Garcet)
Ashes In The Wind (feat. Uruksoth L)

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