Colosso -Thallium Self-Release 14 October 2013

The year was 2011 and in the heart of Porto, Portugal, vocalist/guitarist Max Tome decided to form a new solo project under the guise Colosso. The sole purpose of the project was to create intense music in the style of progressive death metal but not necessarily limited to specfic genre boundaries or philosophies.

In 2012 the first fruits of the project finally came together and debut full length album ‘Abrasive Peace’ was released, featuring none other than Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Scarve, Devin Townsend, among others) on the drums.

In 2013 Andre Lourenco (bass), Marcelo Aires (drums) and Antonio Carvalho (guitar) joined Colosso which formed a complete band lineup thereby providing the metal world the opportunity to witness Colosso live. Late 2013 also saw the release of a second record, an E.P. entitled ’Thallium’.

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