Alerion - VII Sanctvaries

I have to admit that I forgot about this release which was sent to me by Le Crepuscule Du Soir Productions a while ago,found it while digging' in the crates the other days,so anyways,better late than never right? I thought I'd give justice to them since they sent me the album.
Alerion which is located in France, released this album 2012,to me they are a new experience.
Their music is what I would call melodic black metal at times a bit melancholic feel to it.
It's overall a pretty good album with good variation throughout ,that goes for both music and vocals, which is in the old school spirit in my opinion.These guys do not rush through the album as there are a lot of breaks and calm parts which fits very well mostly.
The only thing I could have been without is the guitar solos at some parts, do not misunderstand me as most of the guitarparts are well done and helps building the atmosphere, actually one might call this progressive at times as it's quite different from what I've heard before, the straightforward metal parts is more 'usual' though and as for the guitar solos I mentioned it's just a tiny part so it doesn't really do any harm to the overall impression.
It's a good album ,but still somewhat predictable at times, they have some excellent ideas here and there though, but apart form that it becomes somewhat boring as I feel like I've heard this many times before, it has that typical melodic black metal sound and for me it becomes to melodic.
I mean one thing is to bring in melodic elements,another thing is overdoing it.
To be honest I found it pretty entertaining the other day, but while listening now I'm somewhat bored.
It's not easy to say if it's my mood or if it's the record.
It's an eight track album and most of the tracks lasts longer than 5 minutes so you get value for the money.If you like melodic black metal I suggest you give it a try as it's not a bad album ,it's just a bit too much for my taste at times.    
          Listen & buy the album here : Le Crepuscule Du Soir

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