Rawhide - 'Murder One' CD release info & review

Bursting through a scene obsessed with rockstar imange and brainless nostalgia, Rawhide delivers a reminder that the law is rock thunder, nothing else. Infidels take cover!

Rawhide's music is like a fist in the face of todays society.
Dirty,ugly beer smelling rock 'n' roll all over the place.
It's excactly what it's all about, good music and I promise these guys won't let you down with the straighforward in your face punkish attitude and music there is certainly a bang your head guarantee label on this one, well, it should be...
What instantly enters my mind when listening to this is,

Let's fuck, let's party and get drunk like it's '95 all over again'


While excisting since 2002, this incarnation of Rawhide first saw the light of day through the two seven inch EP releses Branded For Life (Patac Records) and Built To Blow (Hellrocker Records) in 2011.

Continuous gigging and rehearsingthe following year formed and sharpened the the material of what was to become the debut album Murder One.
Recorded the late summer in Sunlight Studio, the album finally saw it's release the summer of 2013 by underground label Patac Records in a limited vinyl edition, coinciding with a string of gigs on the American east coast.
Its themes revolving around violence, drugs & murder, it's a hard hitting gut punch of true rock 'n' roll musically following an age old traditionof bar brawling, headbanging and finger flipping noise.

From the back alleys of society, through dirt, hate & broken hopes, Rawhide brings you 
  Murder Rock 'N Roll

Murder One is out now on CD through Dybbuk Records and Craneo Negro Records.

2014 Crimes in the making:

White Line & Black Hearts split 7" EP w/Panzerbastard on Unholy Records
Guilty As Charged 7" EP on Craneo Negro Records
Greetings From Hell 7" EP -  TBA
Midnight Express 7" EP  - TBA
Murder Two 7" EP  - TBA 

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