Lebensnacht – Preview & Release Info

NP051What comes after death? Some say light, some say darkness and some say nothing. Fact is: No one knows for sure.
The third album of german one-man project – Lebensnacht – chooses a fourth way: The encounter with your inner self in a un defined place, where darkness and light merge into one, where nothing is stable, where raging chaos and ultimate universal law unite into eternity.
Title in english: resurrected in endless darkness

Release Date: 11th November 2014
1st 100 DigiPaks are handnumbered
Preorder here:
1. Erwacht (video)
2. Blutmeer
3. Blutsturm
4. Transzendenz
5. Zwiegespräch
6. Erkenntniss
7. Ende
Total playtime: 44:38

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