INNER SANCTUM - Indian Death Metal behemoths raise the bar

Inner Sanctum are one of the biggest and most professional bands from this region and it's not hard to see why. With guest appearances from James Murphy (Death, Testament, Disincarnate), Christopher Amott (Arch Enemy) and Daniel Mongrain (Voivod, Cryptopsy, Gorguts, Capharnaum), 'Legions Awake' has got to be one of the best albums to come out from India in its history. The press so far has loved it too - 

"Not only is this an achievement for themselves but it is one for musical evolution" - Metal Temple (Greece) 10/10

"Legions Awake is a giant stompfest from start to finish." - Rolling Stone India 4/5

"Legions Awake is heavy as fuck, with real depth and maturity" - All About the Rock (UK) 9/10

"A state of the art neck-wrecker" - Worship Metal (UK) 9/10

"‘Legions Awake’ is an album executed to perfection." - Metal Gallows 88%

"a snarling, riff laden beast of an album" - The Killchain (UK)

Metal Wani - 9.5/10

Dark View - 9/10 

Headbangers - 89% 

Totgehoert - 8/10

INNER SANCTUM (India) - 'Legions Awake' 

Genre - Death Metal
Release Date - Mid-2015

Bangalore-based Indian death metal band Inner Sanctum are doing everything right to ensure that they raise the bar for this style of music in the country. Right from the phenomenal and unprecedented guest appearances from members of Death, Testament, Voivod, Arch Enemy and others to the creation of a standard-setting lyric video, Inner Sanctum are doing it all to perfection, always being a step ahead of their peers in the region. With superior visual aesthetics, courtesy the band's own vocalist Gaurav Basu, who is also a professional artist, the band have also made sure that they sound intimidating too, having done the engineering job at LSD Studios in Germany. Musically, they are delving into a modern but incredibly heavy style of death metal with unshakeable structuring, as well as incorporating earth-tearing breakdowns, and lastly, inviting great musicians to perform solos to lend melodic sensibilities to their impermeably strong music. 'Legions Awake' is a landmark release from this region and there's little evidence to suggest otherwise. 

Album Line-up: 
Gaurav Basu - Vocals (also the artist)
Chintan Chinnappa - Guitar
Suraj Gulvady - Guitar
Narayan Shrouthy - Bass
Abhinav Yogesh - Drums


Album Track list: 
1. Incipiens 01:54
2. Wake of Destruction 04:28
3. Reflections of the Past 04:36
4. Realms of Oblivion 03:39
5. Legions Awake 04:34
6. Tainted Soils 04:36
7. March of the Wounded 05:48
8. Existence Denied (with Guest Solos) 05:48
9. Guardian 05:18


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