Kosmoskampf, the fourth full length by Turkish Satanic Black Metal band BLLIIGGHHTTED is out through London-based Merdumgiriz Records.

The audial part of the Kaoskampf project, which also includes a 16mm film, is 4 epic songs of purist black metal in its most innovative and spiritual form divide the 44-minute album. Emir’s signature bassy vocals reign over a technical chaos of his slithering hypnotic guitars and Merdumgiriz’ off the wall explosive drumming. It would be just to claim that these three musicians who have been continuously banned from every platform and circle for their shining of truth has reached their pinnacle in audial craftsmanship with this album. The music takes many forms including doom lead parts stitched together by fast and relentless black metal to strong melodic death metal marches. This album, along with its poetic lyrics of chaos myth that take its essence from the Chaoskampf theme and runs with it in the timeless self exploration and destruction of mankind that is “theology†. This raw but powerful as fuck production will be released through Merdumgiriz where Emir hand makes all the tapes, all this brings to mind the best of underground times in the 90ies. The innovation is embedded in tradition just as light is embedded into blight, this album is an epitome of doubt, hΩpe(lessness) and devotion thereof.
Formed by Ruahanathanas known for her work in VIRANESIR. BLLIIGGHHTTED is a psychodrama for exploring the history and philosophy of dark spirituality through correlations and juxtapositions of tradition and degeneration in essence and form. Current members include filmmaker-musician Emir Togrul of YAYLA and the idiosyncratic drummer Merdümgiriz. The project is releasing the fourth album through Merdumgiriz Records December 24th.
As with all his work on Merdumgiriz Records, Emir ToÄŸrul's grand vision, each copy of Kosmoskampf CD, Tape, t-shirt and patch will be made by hand in the artisanal style. Emir paints the discs, cuts and inserts the prints for the jewel case and jacket, making all non-machined parts from scratch. All current and upcoming merch comes to fans direct from the hand of the creator himself.

Laughing Siblings
In Absu's Absent Presence
And Tiamat's Present Absence

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medium of truth
Metal is the medium of Lucifer. Lucifer is the bringer of light, and light is truth.
There is one truth that Lucifer speaks and that is Evil.
What is evil?
This you should answer for yourself for evil varies from person to person. What is great for me could be nauseating for you and vice versa. This is true more than you might think. And the fact that it is true is the very reason for disparity. Evil is when something causes suffering PERIOD. THAT THING IS EVIL
Everything you do has in it a degree of evil, and there is no regulating it. Stroking a cat to beheading a man is both evil, there is just choice… You may choose whichever to be involved in for yourself. Even a skinner of a man may not think of it to be evil, your evil is not the same as everybody else’s evil.
However there is one truth: that everybody is evil. No matter what you do, you WILL cause suffering. The varying degrees are irrelevant.
You might have the best intentions when stroking your child’s head, but maybe a kid that never saw his mother passing by suffers by your act.
Maybe your own child suffers.
The world is suffering and there is no two ways about it everyone and everything is constantly suffering.
Animals and humans suffer all the time. Torture and death reign supreme. Think middle east, think industrial farms.
There are also more disguised forms of suffering where passive aggressively and subliminal transference of frustrations cause very subtle sufferings throughout everybody’s days.
Many people spend their lifetimes trying to wash themselves from the one truth: that they are the very reason for this suffering.
Many people try to deceive themselves into trying to find ways of being “good†.
They blame certain people, governments, organizations, mentalities, blah, blah, blah…
Charity, vegetarianism, leftism, feminism, moralism…
These are but some of the most pathetic forms of mental masturbation.
Others are more direct in their ways of trying to fight evil, namely;
Nationalists, gangsters, racists, sexists, perverts, torturers, murderers…
All are but doing the same thing,
The thing that makes this world so puke is all the people thinking they are better than others.
Pretending they are better than “evilâ€
You aren’t good because you’re a vegetarian
You aren’t good because you’re a leftist
You aren’t good because you’re politically correct
No matter WHO you are, you are NO better than an Islamic terrorist, this is the truth that LUCIFER speaks. Can’t death with it? Go blame yourself into sucking god’s dick for forgiveness.
Be okay with being evil and celebrate it. This is your only way out of it.
Celebrate sexism, racism, torture, sadness, darkness.. Mock it, make fun of it. CELEBRATE IT. This is the way of SATAN. MOCK GOD AND HIS PROTECTION.
Chapter II: Chaos
From the beginning of history there have been religions.
Religion is not a mythical phenomenon per se; it is also a very daily, real and pragmatic one.
Cultural religions (Egyptian, Sumerian, Abrahamic etc.) were made by the governments to control people.
They are works in progress that take shape from all sorts of thinkers from corners of the world influencing each other.
They are made by looking at humans, their main source of influence is humans, and their ultimate goal is to bind and control humans. Artists, thinkers, scientists and philosophers all worked collectively to build them, into a matrix of syntax. Mind control made out of minds.
There are always two camps in all cultural religions, CHAOS and cosmos.
Cosmos is the side of the “good†while chaos is “evilâ€
Many theologies represent chaos as the primordial form of oneness from which blossomed the duality that is cosmos.
Cosmos is the “good†realm of “order†which is in constant threat by the “evil†chaos that encapsulates it.
There are demons that try to do “evil†to reduce cosmos into chaos.
Natural disasters, drought, sickness, torture, war, famine all made by demons to destroy order into chaos.
If religion is a way for the establishment to control people, and that evil is what they don’t want humans to be, can evil actually be freedom?
Not to say doing “evil†on a regular basis, but ACCEPTING the fact that you are EVIL. Trying to work within yourself to come to terms with what is evil, and how you perceive evil.
Throughout history people who’ve not paid their taxes have been named WITCHES
People who’ve committed crime were named WITCHES
People who’ve rebelled were named WITCHES
Infidels were named WITCHES
Thinkers were named WITCHES
Artists were named WITCHES
Anarchists were named WITCHES.
Scientists were named WITCHES.
People who went their own way were told to be controlled by demons.
Lord characters of the dark paths were cast aside for he did not believe in Hierarchy. He suffered when god wanted him to bow to humans, and he rebelled so he was punished. He then had the revelation that only god does not need to be punished for his evilness.
God is the one who can do evil without consequence.
Doing evil is playing god.
Even if we do not want to be evil we do evil. Perhaps because we are created in “his†image. Perhaps we are inevitably HIM?
Satan accuses us of being evil because he wants us to know that we have this power.
Iblis whispers evil to our ears.
Lucifer shines the light on our dark crimes.
Prometheus brought god’s burning tool
Angra Mainyu
All want but one thing, FREEDOM
The one truth is that we are all evil. There is nobody that isn’t evil. There is nobody. Heaven wants us to think others are evil and that they will “deliver†us from it. We come from “chaos†a “singularity beyond the event horizon†. Evil. Enslavement comes from its denial.
Satan accuses everyone of being evil. The only true equality is the quality of being evil. E(vil)QUALITY.
There is nobody in the world that isn’t evil. But all that we ever do is to deny it. We not only deny that we are evil, but we accuse others of being evil. We put them in prisons and order their deaths. Every time you walk the street you are evil. Every breath you take animals suffer endlessly to end up in plates. People get tortured, starve, homeless, raped. We look like we are concerned but we do NOTHING. We hurt kids, friends, and family. Passive aggressivity, lies, manipulation. We pretend concerned yet we do NOTHING. We are fucking evil. Eblis have been whispering it to our ears, yet we do not accept it. The beauty in beheadings. Skinnings, torture, rape, humiliation. Tell me, do you really think you have any sort of empathy? Or is it because you are scared that it might happen to you. Tell me, if you enjoyed death, would the world be any worse? Imagine all the people accepting the fact that they are evil. Nobody can manipulate each other to make the world “a better place†. Or give power to those who they think would “deliver†them from evil… Black president… Islamic president… Fascist president…. Liberal president… Priest… Imam… Leader… Father… Teacher… Police…
Todays Satanism is a joke, a fucking jewel wearing contest… Most of its literature is like desperate bullshit blabbered on a kabbalah pop quiz. Humanitarian cosmic religious assholes. The path of the dark spiritual is not an easy path; it requires a completely perverted way of thinking. Yet all that these “Satanists†care about is their image. They prostitute themselves to “strive†in this world that they supposedly “despise†. Makes me vomit and vomit.
Chapter III: Metal Music; the Medium of Truth
Metal music is a medium that is turning evil into fun for decades. It is the continuation of witchcraft. Yet human beings are not seeing the truth of Lucifer; the fact that they enjoy EVIL. They are fucking evil. We are fucking evil. If you deny the fact that you are “a son of a bitch†you are not metal. You are your parents who judged you for your look. Crush the tyranny, be a little metal.
Lyrics about death, torture, abuse, humiliation, downfall, pessimism, murder, sickness and the fun they represent while we headbang is the very essence of mocking the irrelevance of suffering. Suffering does not deserve reverence, it deserves nothing, especially when we are the cause of it, let alone all those crocodile tears cried for sufferings that has nothing to do with “us†.
Anarcy? It is the realm of the Satanist, the very idea of chaos was developed to keep the anarchist at bay. Anarchist as to say the suffering that you attempt to scare us with means NOTHING, we turn that cross of suffering upside down, we MOCK suffering, we do not CARE about suffering. We refuse to be controlled.
Metal is pure celebration of evil, and it is the only way out of evil.
All metal has to do with evil, and it has to be pushed forward.
It will be pushed forward.
From Metallica’s “One†to Sargeist’s “Snares Of Impurity†, it is the medium of truth.
Truth that the whole world is suffering as you read this, and you are a part of it.
You are directly involved in the evil that infects the world, in every suffering.
You should not care about the suffering, because it changes nothing.
You should mock suffering because it is the only true alchemy.
If you mock suffering and evil nothing can manipulate you.
The truth is that evil lurks in every breath we take.
It will be explored and celebrated.
It will be sang about.
It will be shown.
It will be seen.
Chapter IV: Fuck Off and DIE
I do not have a brother; I do not have a sister. I am me and I am alone. I am not part of anything and I am a small piece of shit. I am a pathetic miserable stupid being who gets orgasms from suffering. No matter how fast I run, I cannot run away from happiness:)
translated by Emir

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