Visegard - Skogsdømt - Demo & Review

Visegard is another good band I discovered while visiting Hammerslag Vinterblot Festival a couple of years ago when I bought their EP 'En Hedensk Dødsmarsj'.
Now they are back, stronger,better & more grim than ever with a demo named 'Skogsdømt' which is not to be missed out on! Pagan metal with strong Norwegian roots that shines through Music all the way. Norwegian atmospheric grimness! This is the reason I fuck sculls and dig up rather unknown bands from the masses once in a while, and believe me it's Worth it! I could praise this band more, but I'd rather just say support quality and the smaller bands in the scene today as there is alot of smaller bands and by smaller I mean lesser known bands. Most of you probably know that the hidden gems rarely gets what they deserve and if that's a good thing or bad thing is not for me to judge...
If I was to point out something here it would be that it's too short and I have to start it over again and again and again.
That's all, fuck off ,support and enjoy!
 For more information on this you can visit as they hold track of most thing lurkin' in the Norwegian scene...

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