Hedfuzy S/T - Self Released - Review

Release: 17 August 2015

This is an album far away from what I usually get and sometimes change is good. That is if it's in the right direction though.
This is the works of Pat Byrne who has earned a reputation as one of Irelands hottest musicians.
Allthough that doesn't say much for me personally.

 I decided to put it on and have a listen. It's progressive rock that's for sure, but is it good?

The first tracks didn't convince me that much at first listen though, not until the fourth track 'Mine'. That was when the album started growing for me, not to mention 'When I Come Back Down' which is a little Pearl in itself and throughout the album I want to listen even more,

After all it's a very complex but at the same time very easy listening to put it that way.
The track 'Name' is also something for itself very progressive and calm atmosphere which catches me.
As for me personally I like to listen to 'Headfuzy' in it's entirety as it's a journey through a wide landscape full of surprises and unexpected turns. 

'Hedfuzy' sursprise in many ways and is built prefectly up from the very beginning to 'tease' the listener a bit to catch one's attention and it surely does. Excellent musicianship from start to finish. I won't reveal all the goodies of this one, but the lyric 'I don't wan't your sympathy 'cause I'm in love with apathy' is something I just have to like and there is more if you listen.
Overall I find 'Hedfuzy' to be a very good an entertaining album. The lyrics is also worth mentioning as they are a part of the picture I believe.

They have made a personal and honest album that lends towards the progressive and known/ unknown feelings without going to far and not loosing the nerve.

It has to be said that 'Headfuzy' will probably appeal to alot more than the average metal head 'cause it's so diverse and easy to like when you first open up and let the music talk!


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