Mistur - In Memoriam - Review

Mistur was started in Sogndal, Norway, by Espen Bakketeig and Andre Raunehaug, and the band was joined shortly after by Stian Bakketeig (Vreid, ex-Windir, ex-Cor Scorpii). After a demo, they landed a deal with Einheit Produktionen, and the debut album "Attende" was released in 2009 to rave reviews. Apart from some festival shows and a tour, the band became inactive for shorter periods, before the work on the follow up album started.

Dark Essence Records

Mistur wants to share more of their 'Sognametal' with us,but
the question is : Do we want it?

Personally I enjoyed their debut 'Attende' back in 2009 so I'm excited about 'In Memoriam'
The first thing that strikes me is the word majestic as the record spins.
When bands combining synth onto their metal or whatever, it can go so terribly wrong in many ways.
One thing is overdoing it, luckily that isn't the case here.
The album start up with a majestic & epic feel to it, I think 'majestic' is the keyword for 'In Memoriam'

Mistur has obviously grown in
every aspect and it clearly shines throughout the entire album.
For me personally, this is a step further than 'Attende'
The vocals are pitch'ed down a bit and there is some nicely fit clean vocals.

This is thanx to their new vocalist Oliver Øyien, and they also have a new drummer this time named Tomas Myklebust
, perhaps two new band members was the fresh breath the band needed.
I also enjoy the gitars whitch is what very much participates to the 'Sogna Metal' sound, allthough this time they have pushed the boundaries.
I'd say towards more complex and aggressive, yet they have kept the core essence of their style.

A must fans of Windir, but also such as Amon Amarth,Insomnium,Månegarm

Tracklist :

2.Distant Peaks
3.Firstborn Son
4.Matriarch's Lament
5.The Sight
6.Tears Of Remembrance

Available on CD 26. April