Lavadome Production to Release EPOCH's 'Sacrosanct' on CD

Lavadome Production to Release EPOCH's 'Sacrosanct' on CD

Lavadome Productions has announced the forthcoming release of the CD version of Sacrosanct from Death Metal band EPOCH on January 31, 2017.  The album was originally released on digital format in 2015. Stream new track "Altered States" and pre-order Sacrosanct at

Though your initial musical impressions of Sacrosanct may seem immediate and obvious, repeat listens will reveal layers deeper than expected and nuances only apparent with time invested in the journey. The Death Metal of Sacrosanct shall become a cold razor, slowly cutting through your veins. You will feel the hot blood scorching the skin freezing as life will be escaping your flesh, while your breath will fade into the somber infinity of nothingness...somewhere in a desolated, dark place full of concrete shades clashing upon your desperation.

As hot-blooded, so deadly cold.

"Altered States" promo video:

Track Listing:

1. To Datechon, ho Katechon
2. Vision Absolute
3. Altered States
4. Nine
5. Ichneumon
6. Hangman Paradox
7. Fear Ritual
8. Sacrosanct

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