Noisey streams new SOOTHSAYER album in its entirety

Finally, reputed site Noisey streams the Irish doom band's album in its entirety HERE. Editor Kim Kelly wrote this about the release -

"Soothsayer's take on doom is epic and unorthodox, borrowing more influence from atmospheric black metal's triumphantly climbing scales and melodic death metal's pointed harmonies than traditional doom's passive tempos... their new album truly is one of 2016's finest hidden gems."





- "both otherworldly and immediately crushing" - Decibel Magazine (US) 

- "an invigorating blend" - Metal Injection (US) 

- " one of 2016's finest hidden gems" - Noisey (US) 

- "masterpiece" - The Sludgelord (UK) 

- "This is essential doom" - Nine Circles (US) 

- "masterclass" - The Sonic Abuse (UK) 9/10 

- "Excellent stuff" - Bravewords (Canada) 

- "pure nightmare fuel" - Moshpit Nation (UK) 4/5 

- "outstanding" - Dioses Del Metal (Spain) 

- "this EP is an absolute must" - Ragherrie (Netherlands) 

- " like a dark mantra, repeated by the Death itself" - Deadly Storm (Czech Republic) 

- "enrichment of the subgenre" - (Germany) 

- "a towering creative height" - Metal Ireland 

- "even after listening to it for hours I still can’t get over how fucking awesome it is!" - Head-Banger Reviews (US) 

- "both spine-shaking and hallucinatory" - No Clean Singing (US) 

- "a unique and dense sound" - Planet Mosh (UK) 

- "most rewarding" - Sorrow Eternal (US) 

- "terrifying atmospheres" - Cadaver Garden (US) 

- "quite recommended" - XXL Rock (Germany) 

- "ultimately rewarding experience" - Pure M Zine (Ireland) 

- "Soothsayer are the real deal" - Two Guys Metal Reviews (France) 

- "Soothsayer looks forward at an evolution of music" - Glacially Musical (UK) 

- "emotive take on sludge/doom metal" - Broadsheet 

- "a soundtrack that verges from a whisper to a scream" - Irish Metal Archive 

- "Very highly recommended" - Wonderbox Metal (UK) 

- "fresh, elegant work" - Necromance (Spain) 

- "the label has an ear for quality" - Lords of Metal (Netherlands) 

- "sulphurous" - Somber Lane (UK) 

- "a rather interesting addition to the doom pantheon" - Dark View (Belgium) 

- "atmospheric blackened doom metal, you should check out" - Blackened Death Metal zine (US) 8/10 

- "Emotional, dark, and negative" - Dissecting the Euphony (Malaysia)


Soothsayer (Ireland) - 'At This Great Depth' MCD (December 30th, 2016)

Genre - Atmospheric Doom/Sludge
Release Date - December 30th, 2016
Record Label - Transcending Obscurity Records

Soothsayer from Ireland return to unveil their sophomore album after putting out an incredible debut. The new masterpiece, 'At This Great Depth' sees the band plumbing new emotional depths, writing seamless gargantuan songs, and merging subtle myriad influences from a broad outlook on life to forge a cohesive, powerful sound unlike any other. This is atmospheric doom/sludge having a dreamy quality to it that stirs up buried memories by way of its strangely alluring riffing and unconventional songwriting. These two timeless monoliths, one 16 minute long and the other lasting for eight, are symbolic of both the suffering as well as the endless glimmers of hope flashing throughout them in life. Soothsayer's doom is emotive, vast and fulfilling.

Track list: 
1. Umpire
2. Of Locusts and Moths

Line up: 
Líam Hughes - Vocals/Noise
Con Doyle - Guitar/Vocals
Marc O'Grady - Guitar
Pavol Rosa - Bass
Will Fahey - Drums


Kunal Choksi

Label owner/Editor/PR Head


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